Stranded! – now without a phone!


It has been quite some time since I reviewed Stranded! I quite liked the game, though I felt a number of features were missing and that it could use some more polish. Well, it seems the devs heard my plea. Today checking my iTunes account I was quite surprised to find the game updated to version 1.2 and even rebranded to Stranded Without A Phone. What did they do to warrant such a change – well – they have really gone all out and implemented literally a ton of new features – hunting, autosearch, new item combinations and more. Personally I think they would even warrant a 2.0 release. And they’re still selling the game for the measly $1.99!

It’s nice to see devs working hard on their games even after they are released. Unfortunately most think that as soon as their product makes it to the App Store, the only things that require additional work are bug fixes. You can get the game using the link below or check for a full list of new features after the gap.

Gilligames, Stranded Without A Phone, 7.4MB, $1.99
Stranded Without A Phone



  • Added “Injuries” meter. More injuries means your health lowers faster over time. Injuries must be healed by consuming certain items.
  • Ways to be injured include random chances of jellyfish sting, using certain items to create items, boar bite.
  • When injured 25% or less, injuries heal automatically over time.


  • Visibly live boars now roam the island. Touch a boar to target it for hunting with a bow and arrow.
  • Bow skill increases with each attempt at shooting a boar.
  • Boar trap no longer automatically catches a boar each day. A boar must wander (or be lured) near the trap to be caught. Listen for it.


  • Searching for items is now automatic, but you must choose which items to search for from the Search menu.
  • Salt Water is now found by creating it from the Ocean item instead of searching.


  • When picking a reed, you now get 3 reeds instead of 1.
  • Hydration and Nutrition now lower at a slower rate.
  • Hydration once again lowers while sleeping.
  • Health now lowers faster when out of Nutrition and Hydration.


  • Added new items and creation combinations (I’ll let you discover them).
  • Prevent duplicate items from being washed up on shore.
  • When dragging a consumable item, the status box now glows to indicate where to drop the item to consume it.
  • Less chance of accidentally walking when you’re trying to drag an item and miss.
  • Player info & game time is now saved at the start of each day instead of only when exiting the game.
  • Tutorial information updated to include new features.
  • Changed title screen to match official new title, Stranded Without A Phone.


  • Fixed bug related to winning the game with the Space Phone in an opened pouch then immediately starting a new game.
  • Hopefully prevented crash when opening container that contains more items than capacity. I still haven’t figured out how containers end up that way.
  • Improved memory management. Should prevent auto-quitting due to low memory availability.
    • This is especially nice to see now that updating a developer updates their app it no longer brings the app back up to the top of the release list!

    • Chase Johnson

      WOW love this game!!! sooooo addicting, and challanging. It’s one of those games the more you play and progress the better it gets!! five stars!! The health meter always kills me though. Tip; make an axe right away, it helps you make alot of items needed.

    • hunt

      eat lemons it does allot and they are unlimited

    • addicted

      I found out lemons are limittd. I kept going to the same spot and it dissapeared.

    • Mememe

      How do u make a metal bowl

    • Well, you don’t :) You have to find it on the beach as many other randomly appearing items. Sleep – do your rounds – repeat :)

    • Juice

      How do u eat and drink??

    • Simply drag food and water on the hunger/thirst bar

    • Gilbert

      How do I get off island? I have radio, made six batteries, what do I do next???

    • You have to combine Radio Receiver, Radio Transmitter, 2xBattery Array, Duct Tape and
      Bubble Gum to create a space phone and after that you can simply select it from the inventory to use an action – phone home.

    • horlad

      were do you find zinc ane copper

    • Just turn them on in the search options and wander around brown and dark brown areas.

    • sgreg

      start game by making a bunch of rope and then a net. this makes gathering faster.
      the bore is the best nutrition. you can kill a bore and place it in the shallow ocean water. the dead boar will not spoil. you can keep more than one and that way when you are ready you can slaughter and cook it.
      eat 4 lemons a day for good health.
      build and sleep on a lean-to near fire to improve health.
      never stop looking for flowers. make a pile near the medium boulder so you can make medicine.
      build everything. this game is so much fun.
      dont eat the gum.

    • megan

      is it possible to get morelemons? cuz i ran out and now i need them.

    • I’m afraid if you picked all bushes clean you’ll have to start over.

    • lovinit

      I don’t understand the sleep thing.. He’s constantly falling asleep but he never sleeps!
      Also, where are the fish? There are never any in my nearest ocean (not that i can go too far without falling asleep).

    • What are you talking about falling asleep? I’ve never had mine fall asleep spontaneously… Maybe because ou haven’t done so for a long time? Then try sleeping – there’s a special button for it titled ZZZZZ :)

      For the fish – they appear from time to time in the ocean and are marked by swirling water.

    • lovinit

      He falls asleep spontaneously after a few minutes of activity and there’s this giant picture of him lying in the grass on my screen but when I resume the game and I press the “confim sleep” button he hasn’t slept any hours.
      I read somewhere that he needs to be fed and watered and next to a fire/lean-to to sleep better but even then he doesn’t sleep any hours.
      Do you always force sleep on him at night time?
      How long do you have to wait before he can resume again?
      Thanks for the help on the fish!

    • I’m not sure if he will sleep if he is hungry or thirsty – make sure his hunger and water bars are full before sending him to sleep.

    • josh

      i need tips and advis
      My email

    • Samihood

      were is the campfire?

    • You create the campfire yourself. First make a site for it with stones (6 or 8 as I remember), then proceed to populate it with dry grass and wood. It should be fairly straightforward.

    • Charli

      how do you make rope? It is never on my list of things to make.

    • Lowekeykid1

      rope is called twine and it takes 6 reeds which are found in the little bushes

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