Stranded! – now without a phone!


It has been quite some time since I reviewed Stranded! I quite liked the game, though I felt a number of features were missing and that it could use some more polish. Well, it seems the devs heard my plea. Today checking my iTunes account I was quite surprised to find the game updated to version 1.2 and even rebranded to Stranded Without A Phone. What did they do to warrant such a change – well – they have really gone all out and implemented literally a ton of new features – hunting, autosearch, new item combinations and more. Personally I think they would even warrant a 2.0 release. And they’re still selling the game for the measly $1.99!

It’s nice to see devs working hard on their games even after they are released. Unfortunately most think that as soon as their product makes it to the App Store, the only things that require additional work are bug fixes. You can get the game using the link below or check for a full list of new features after the gap.

Gilligames, Stranded Without A Phone, 7.4MB, $1.99
Stranded Without A Phone



  • Added “Injuries” meter. More injuries means your health lowers faster over time. Injuries must be healed by consuming certain items.
  • Ways to be injured include random chances of jellyfish sting, using certain items to create items, boar bite.
  • When injured 25% or less, injuries heal automatically over time.


  • Visibly live boars now roam the island. Touch a boar to target it for hunting with a bow and arrow.
  • Bow skill increases with each attempt at shooting a boar.
  • Boar trap no longer automatically catches a boar each day. A boar must wander (or be lured) near the trap to be caught. Listen for it.


  • Searching for items is now automatic, but you must choose which items to search for from the Search menu.
  • Salt Water is now found by creating it from the Ocean item instead of searching.


  • When picking a reed, you now get 3 reeds instead of 1.
  • Hydration and Nutrition now lower at a slower rate.
  • Hydration once again lowers while sleeping.
  • Health now lowers faster when out of Nutrition and Hydration.


  • Added new items and creation combinations (I’ll let you discover them).
  • Prevent duplicate items from being washed up on shore.
  • When dragging a consumable item, the status box now glows to indicate where to drop the item to consume it.
  • Less chance of accidentally walking when you’re trying to drag an item and miss.
  • Player info & game time is now saved at the start of each day instead of only when exiting the game.
  • Tutorial information updated to include new features.
  • Changed title screen to match official new title, Stranded Without A Phone.


  • Fixed bug related to winning the game with the Space Phone in an opened pouch then immediately starting a new game.
  • Hopefully prevented crash when opening container that contains more items than capacity. I still haven’t figured out how containers end up that way.
  • Improved memory management. Should prevent auto-quitting due to low memory availability.
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