Stay on top of your movie rentals with the Blockbuster App

preview-blockbusterFor those of you who still rent your movies from Blockbuster, you’ll be happy to know that the official Blockbuster app is now available for download. Much like how Pizza Hut’s app generated sales of 1 million in just 3 months, Blockbuster Inc. are hoping that their very own app will have a similar effect and give existing customers more control of their renting habits.

Have more movie experiences, and enjoy them more too. With BLOCKBUSTER’s new app you can search an incredible 95,000 movie titles. Add, delete and reorder movies in your BLOCKBUSTER Movie Queue. Find your nearest BLOCKBUSTER store, and see if the movie you want is in stock. You can even link the app to your BLOCKBUSTER by Mail account and manage it all from your iPhone. And the app updates you on all that’s new and exciting at BLOCKBUSTER. It’s like having all of BLOCKBUSTER right in your pocket.

The app is quite well received by users at the US App Store (53 of 79 ratings are 5 stars). For our Canadian users however, it is quite the opposite (9 of 10 are 1 star). At the moment the app seems to only keeps track of Blockbuster stores on US soil, which kind of defeats the purpose of users north of the border who want to check if a movie is in stock near their home. That said, if you’re in the US and use blockbuster for your movie needs, the app is a no brainer at the price of FREE.

Blockbuster, Inc., Blockbuster, FREE, 1 MB

Application Features:

  • Search for movies
  • Find your nearest Blockbuster store
  • Check-out store inventory, including local Top 20s
  • Manage your Movie Queue – add, delete, rearrange
  • Link your By-Mail account (user name/password)
  • Keep up with all the latest at Blockbuster, and more

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