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Some say rumours travel faster than light. While there is no actual way to prove this, the whole Apple community lives and thrives on them. It even seems to have found a way to actually harness the power of rumours to stay afloat. And now, following the recent appearance of the possibly hi-res iPhone 4G (iPhone 3,1) in Apple’s firmware, the future versions of the OS have been spotted in the wild as well. All of this may also point to the iSlate.

For those of you still in the dark, the developers of San Francisco’s public transportation guide, iBart, have been mining device information for quite some time now. And about a month ago, they announced that a previously unknown iPhone has been sending back information. This iPhone is designated iPhone 3,1 by Apple and coincides with the appearance of the iPhone 2,1 (more commonly known as the iPhone 3GS) about a year back. These reports have also been confirmed by Pinch Media. And Apple’s long-time production partner, Foxconn, are rumoured to have started stamping out the new iPhone.


And this just in – the admins over at boygeniusreport.com have uncovered traces of future iPhone OS versions in their server logs. Along with the old iPhone OS 2_2 and the more current iPhone OS 3_0_1 the yet not generally available iPhone OS 3_1_3 and iPhone OS 4_0 have been spotted. And while a minor OS update is anticipated, 4.0 has come out of the blue. What did the big boys at the bad A add to feature list to warrant another major release? Beats me! Here are just some shots in the dark:

  • Full-featured multitasking (like is available to the Jailbreak community using Backgrounder + Multifl0w)
  • Themes
  • Full-featured file browser (at least of a limited folder, like the Photoalbum, iTunes, etc.)
  • SMS tones customization and individual assignment
  • SMS Delivery Reports
  • Native To-Do Application
  • Taskbar notifications of things like missed calls, sms, etc.
  • Quick toggle of various iPhone functions (like SBSettings)
  • iTunes sync of various app data (like eWallet, PocketMoney, various Notes apps, etc.)

Most probably, 4.0 alpha is being tested on a similarly alpha version of the next-gen iPhone 4G. So what could it look like? I’ve assembled some mock-ups from around the web for your pleasure. Make sure to comment what you’d like to see in the 4G iPhone with the new 4.0 software.

  • Gokunama

    I’d be satisfied with an inbuilt notification system that developers could use, much like the notification system used by the inbuilt calendar app.

    Wallpaper behind the apps would be awesome.

    Folders rather than 11 pages of apps.

    A higher quality camera.

    Ability to create and name new playlists.

    Screenlock for Safari.

    Yep, that’s about it for now.

  • Harry

    I want to see a full HD video camera that shoots like an actual camcorder (full 1080p with seamless framerate), an 8MP+ HD digital camera WITH ZOOM, variable exposure rate, etc… as well as a built-in utility to graft a copy of a song from iTunes into a video shot with the video camera and/or advanced video and photo-editing capabilities on the iPhone…as well as full iChat functions, and the ability to integrate that iChat into a phone call to make the new iPhone a functional videophone like in scifi, as well as enhanced-capacity external speakers for the phone, and have the included iphone earbuds come included with an integrated hands-free bluetooth headset in them… also, a small retractable solar charger in/on the iPhone for environmental purposes/added convienience, and many more app screens.

  • Dr Kas


    With all due respect: you’re a cheapskate. That’s right; typing away blogs of what the world would be like according to your cereal-bowl-beside-the-keypad-in-a-basement-room-with-bad-lighting while you download music-for-free. What do you think it costs to produce these improvements? PAY FOR SOMETHING. THEN SIT BACK & ENJOY the fact you actually made a contribution!

  • Always nice to have fans!

  • yes, it’s good thankx for you

  • Johnwarit




  • I like the idea, sounds more like Pocket PC…
    all in one…

  • salauddin

    wich day this cell r lounched

  • Blah

    Lol… wtf… the iPod’s expensive enough.

  • djmaniakal

    That’s why I do carry a Pocket PC and not an iPhone! lol

  • I always wait before getting an iphone, and I’m glad I do because theres always another one around the corner. I will have to break down and get one soon, they are so sweeeet.
    @ Harry…an iphone with those features would have to be super powerful and super expensive. Sounds just like somethin I could use.

  • iPhoneAdmin

    Why do people feel the need to relegate the iPhone into the same mold as smart phones? An iPhone is NOT a smart phone.
    It is a palmtop Mac.

    Smart phone denotes that it is primarily a phone, with computer like apps on it. The iPhone is a pocket computer that happens to have a phone app on it.

  • Abe

    Wrong? There are about a million other things that can be done with an actual computer that can’t at all be done on the iPhone. I’m not even choosing sides between smartphone/iPhone, I’m just saying that’s an invalid comment.

  • There sure are – as Steve Jobs noted many times – the iPOhone and the iPad are NOT hub devices and will not replace the PC in the near future. That said, I do 99% of my needs on the iPhone and have no problems with that.

  • anon

    when is it actually being released??

  • I would guess late June – early July. But at this point – it remains to be seen.

  • Neinteresant

    If you want a “HD video camera that shoots like an actual camcorder (full 1080p with seamless framerate), an 8MP+ HD digital camera WITH ZOOM” buy yourself a camera, not a phone. Do you want the iPhone to make coffee also?

  • The iPhone CAN make coffee!!

    Google “Make Coffee iPhone” and you will see 😛

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  • Allie hawkins

    i like the main one – the clear one.. that would bring a whole lot of buyers especially people like me who like fancy new technology.
    or the third iphone idea… the rest i don’t like ..

  • LG have a clear phone now, but of course, it is slaved to a sub-par OS. At the moment, a clear phone isn’t yet viable, but in the future, of course we’ll see loads of stuff.

  • olivia

    i want one soooo bad….HEAR ME OUT!! =) ima good girl

  • El Romantiko1991

    i can give yu one

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