Regator Premium – Web’s Best Blogs in Review – All the same great content, none of the calories


In case you didn’t know, there is A LOT of stuff on the internet. As is usually the case though, there’s some good, some great, and a whole lot of garbage. The problem is that when you look for your favourite topics, you will almost always uncover the sloppy ratio that favours garbage. With sites like constantly scouring the net to find the best sites/blogs/posts, you can trim a lot of that garbage and get right to the good. And if that wasn’t enough now you can get all that convenience and more on your iDevice.

The idea behind Regator is pretty straightforward. Their trained editors constantly troll the net to find the best blogs, posts and more based on over 500 different topics. Then using their database, you search for the topics that you are interested in and choose from a succinct list of results. Although that may be an over simplification of the process, that’s basically what it is. Since the idea is so straightforward it’s not unexpected that the design of this app is just as simple.

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You’ll have to create your account if you haven’t already done so at, but that’s not so hard. You use 6 buttons to browse topics and trends, follow specific blogs, and read “favourites”. The layout is extremely clean. Using their trademark greens, fans of the website will feel instantly at home.

You can browse topics either by searching for specific keywords, or by tapping the browse icon and viewing all posts based on a specific topic. Another interesting way to search is by using Real-Time Trends. Here you get up-to-the-minute keyword results for the most popular articles. The blog monitor section will pull blog posts from a list of keywords. Each method is great, and for those moments of indecision, is perfect for browsing. The browse is perfect for when I can’t decide what to read, the trends is great for finding out what stories are popular and the blog section is perfect for keeping track of the types of stories I read all the time.


When you click an article, you get the same basic output that you would expect from a feed reader. Not the entire article, but enough to allow you to decide if it’s worth it to read the rest. Reading a full article is just a matter of tapping the “Read Post” button. From there you are brought to an in app browser version of the article as well as the option to view it in Safari if you preferred.


When you find something you like, you can “favourite it”. This can be done in individual posts, the blog itself, or the topic. Then on the front page, you can access the information at anytime with one click. Being an avid blog reader, I found this a great feature for when I find a topic that I really like and want to go back to.

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You can also share what you’ve been reading via email, twitter and facebook. Another great feature for people that like to let everyone know what they are or have been reading.

After using this app for the last few days I have to admit that I’m pretty impressed. Regator have done an excellent job designing an iPhone version of it’s popular web service that isn’t just a port of an existing product. Instead they’ve created the perfect compliment to the service to keep with you at all times. I think that any avid blog reader will definitely find this app useful for organising and introducing great reads from all over the internet.


App Summary
Title: Regator Premium – Web’s Best Blogs Developer: Regator, LLC
Reviewed Ver: 1.0.0 Min OS Req: 2.2.1
Price: $2.99 App Size: 0.6 MB
  • Extremely well designed
  • Vast amount of topics/indexed blogs
  • Share via Twitter/Facebook
  • Integrates with website version
  • Some features still web only (e.g. Folders)


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