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Tonnes of pre-launch skepticism was ineffectual in condemning the iPhone to an early grave. And two and a half years later, no amount of individual scorn will unearth Apple’s staunch defence of its core apps. Both legitimate and illegitimate devs feel the sting of Apple’s “duplicate functionality” clause which refuses alternatives such to Safari, Mail, etc.. So while there is no dearth of silly one-line apps, Apple’s crash-prone web-browser and the horribly stilted Mail app stand alone on the platform, providing users with strapped-down versions of their desktop partners which boast less-than-stellar performance and feature sets. Apple’s stringent insistence that core apps shalt have no rival eschews the iDevice horribly. So, while on the one hand, the iDevice enjoys a 53% online market share [TechCrunch], it does so at the expense of its own functionality.

PetitionAppleCompetition is a website devoted to the fundamental derailing of Apple’s protectionist politics. The iPhone is no longer a simple phone; Apple have popularised the device’s use for much more. And it isn’t just a PDA or a gaming device. It really is a tiny tablet computer. But unlike a _computer_ [kÉ™mpjúːtÉ™r: an electronic device for storing and processing data, typically in binary form, according to instructions given to it in a variable program. OSX Oxford], it can only run what Apple sanction – and Apple don’t sanction competition.

Please sign the petition if you feel strongly that Apple should redress its protectionist politics and open the iDevice to alternatives. Already, the FCC are reviewing Apple’s own arbitrary review process; if that is a good first step, there needs to be a successive plodding in the same direction until the iDevice either returns to its web-app days of yesteryear, or finally grows a set and addresses alternative software.

If you are interested, the petition can be signed here.

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