Sleek Audio up to something?

Go Daddy?

Go Daddy?

Not sure what’s afoot, but as I was digging up information on Sleek Audio‘s intriguing new dynamic driver SA1 inner earphone, I got the above from Sleek’s homepage. Something is up. I’ve seen this sort of thing before, but not at Sleek, so I will put forward a couple of guesses. A: Sleek are upgrading their website and have it offline for a few hours. B: The above webpage is a spare tyre, installed because Sleek have too much traffic. C: They have been hacked. I have a feeling that it might be one of the first two. Sleek have just been picked as a recipient of CES’s video award, so they may well have been deluged recently with traffic. I hope it isn’t the latter.

Their video and some SA1 glamour shots after the gap. Warning, video is Flash.

  • Hello,

    We actually had to upgrade our servers over night and still may be a few hours until its back up to 100%. Right now certain people can see it based on there ISP provider.

    Also the video posted is from Davis Instruments who is another one of the five winners of the CES video contest. 😉

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