iPod touch/iPhone remote app for Kleer Wireless devices


Kleer, manufacturer of true lossless wireless audio transmission technology, will release an iDevice app designed to interface with products from multiple vendors which benefit from Kleer’s wireless technology. Kleer has the advantage over the other popular wireless solution, Bluetooth, by firing a stronger, higher quality signal to receiving devices, and has unique pairing options. You can read more about Kleer VS. AD2P for the iPod touch, and in TMA’s review of the Cy-Fi Wireless sports speaker which has turned my training sessions into safe, tuneful workouts.

Press Release after the gap:

Press Literature
Kleer, the company behind some of the world’s best- sounding wireless audio devices, today announced they will be demonstrating KleerZone, a wireless music ecosystem, at CES 2010. KleerZone consists of an interoperable collection of typical consumer home audio components—including speakers, headphones and earbuds— representing a wide variety of brands and manufacturers. In addition, Kleer will be unveiling an iPhone®/iPod touch® application that turns those personal music players into wireless home music hubs for Kleer-based receivers, across brands and manufacturers.

KleerZone at CES will feature wireless products from many of Kleer’s consumer partner brands including Sennheiser, Sleek Audio, DigiFi, Cyfi and Ion Audio. Kleer will also present innovative reference designs that can be quickly and easily converted to shippable wireless products by OEM and ODM suppliers.

The KleerZone CES 2010 wireless music ecosystem will consist of fully interoperable:

  • Low-latency wireless home theater and stereo system components consisting of CD, DVD and AM/FM transmitters and speakers, headphones and earbuds from multiple vendors
  • Battery-powered speakers that eliminate all wires since they require neither a power cord nor an audio cable
  • Wireless audio streamed from a PC/laptop to home speakers, headphones and earbuds.

In addition Kleer will be demonstrating an iPhone/iPod touch application that will allow individuals to select and direct music to any Kleer-based receiver in the home, right from the palm of their hand.

“Consumers want to cut loose and eliminate wires. They’re tired of poor quality wireless products that make them walk all over the house to select and hear their music,” said Steve Humphreys, President and CEO at Kleer. “With Kleer your music is always available and the choices for listening are at the touch of a finger—along with CD-quality digital stereo sound that music lovers have come to expect.”

Only Kleer has the high-quality, low-latency, long-distance and low-interference profile required in home audio applications combined with the small size and ultra-low power consumption necessary for portable music players. This makes Kleer the “one stop shop” for consumer electronics brands looking to “cut the wires” on everything from earbuds to speakers to home theater systems. And because Kleer guarantees full interoperability between any wireless home audio or portable audio products using its technology, regardless of brand or manufacturer, consumers will be able to mix and match their music sources and listening devices in the home or on the go.

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