Up-to-date Apple Developer News and Announcements via RSS? Now available!


Having secured a firm hold on the market with the AppStore, and having its approval process widely criticised, Apple decided to show a little love to the developers that fueled their success. Lately they have been adding various features to iTunes Connect (the interface the developers use to submit their apps), like more detailed App Status, replacing the list view of apps with icon view, etc.. What will they think of next?

Well, just recently they finally caught on to the RSS bandwagon. Now the devs can subscribe to receive up-to-date information on various news, announcements and even hints and tips from the big A using a newsreader of their choice.

As per the description

Get updates, tips and how-to information on a range of iPhone topics — from development to distribution.

If you’re a developer, or simply interested in what Apple has in stock for their worker ants, you can check out the Apple Developer RSS Feeds.

A small step for Apple, a giant leap for Apple Developers?

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