Christmas Ideas: Noise Cancelling headphones

HP-news-ChristmasChristmas season means massive sales on items from software to hardware and violence in the streets as the the accompanying crush rushes out to spend its life insurance policy on stuff which will probably be returned. Then Boxing day will spread the same spirit of gluttonous shopping for another week. Well, why not get a head-start on the whole business? Internet shopping is physically safer and requires less fuel, and sometimes, much better prices.

I will target the ladies with this one. If you are tired of buying iTunes gift cards, why not get a nice set of headphones for your man? Let me speak as a man: gadgets always hit a sweet spot with your smellier half. Headphones are a great way to show your man what his other gadgets can do, and may be a good way to keep him nerdy, and at home, under your nose. Who knows, he might even turn into a DIYer, making amps, cables, etc., turning his new-found hobby into a small business! Anyway, check out the sales…

Audio Technica – If you have to have the best build quality and good sound, look no further. Audio Technica are a world leader in audiophile headphones.

  • ATH-ANC7 – 125.80$ Top-tier noise cancelling headphones which do everything well, but with one qualm: a bit of sound leakage to the environment. Of course, you won’t notice it as this headphone’s balanced sound pushes you further from the environment. This headphone usually sells for over 200$, but is built
  • ATH-ANC3BK – 54.95$ – Inner ear noise-cancelling  headphones are a good idea. Not only do they effectively block outside noise, but they attack it with active circuits as well. List price of 169.95$.

Sennheiser – If anyone knows anything about headphones, it is the maker of the most expensive headphones in the world, the Orpheus.

  • PXC-250 – With a list price of 139.95$, Amazon’s 60.81$ price includes shipping and loads of kudos from your love.
  • PXC-300 – 103.00$ is a far cry from 179.95$ list price and will shelter your music from the cries of the neighbours.
  • PXC-450 – 269.95$. If you want the best noise cancelling headphone on the market, the PXC-450 is your one-stop headphone. Thanks to super saver deals at Amazon, it won’t stop your monthly rent payments either. Usually, it sells for over 400$.

Bose – If one name has become synonymous with noise cancellation, it is the now ubiquitous Bose which can be seen at airports around the world. They combine great isolation and comfort with a thick, bassy sound for fun listening.

  • QuietComfort® 15 – 299.95$. Bose pretty much started the game years ago and know how to take sound away from your listening environment. They won’t reproduce the finer details, but are great for a thumpy, fun listen.
  • QuietComfort® 3 – 349.95. This headphone is smaller, more portable, cancelling noise via the active circuit, and compressing its pads to a user’s ear. Same fun bassy Bose sound, smaller package.
  • QuietComfort® 2 – 499.00$. Currently the top of Bose’s QueitComfort® line with best-of comfort and luxury. If you have the dosh, this headphone represents one of the best active cancellation circuits and best comfort.

Monster – Made famous in home audio through their cable business, Monster have come a long way in their development to make headphones. Currently, their headphone line is augmented by the excellent Turbine and is exploding to encompass many brands.

  • Beats by Dr. Dre 288.88$. The Beats retails for 350$ and provides a step up from Bose in terms of sound and construction quality.

Keep an eye on our headphone section for reviews, news, and sales (trust me, they are coming).

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