Fluffy Farm in Review – All that’s fluffy is gold


The scene is familiar – you are on a farm with an empty stretch of green before you; a wiggly and colourful little thing spawns new little colourful things until the screen is swarming with wiggly and colourful little things. Fluffy Farm is a line drawing game which will press your drawing skills to avoid enemies and obstacles while achieving your goals.

Does it sound familiar? I just described most of the traditional line drawing games out there – regardless of setting or sophistication. Most tend to be played ad nauseam making it difficult to sustain interest.


Fluffy Farm is the latest addition to the line drawing genre and holds itself out as its best one yet. My initial impression was – cute and fun, but what else can I expect? Well, I am hopelessy addicted!

Fluffs are not static balls of cuteness – they evolve through food consumption, starting out as small, orange blips and eventually evolve into big better red, purple and black fluffs. The more food, the bigger the size and the faster the movement.  Depending on the game mode, the bigger the fluff, the more points when it’s sent off on the conveyor belt.


Fluffy Farm packs a colourful visual punch with cute animated 3D characters, which are complemented by bright and bouncy in-game music and sounds. The furry balls of cuteness approach their food with gusto, changing color and growing in size. Other than the poisonous blue mushrooms, they can eat anything, mostly standard issue pink flowers. As the game progresses, there are special plants that accelerate growth, protect and prevent them from eating or being eaten by other fluffs.

Another interesting twist to Fluffy Farm is the mechanics of multiplication and avoidance which make gameplay more interesting. As they grow bigger, fluffs multiply like bunnies increasing competition for food and increasing the rusk of collision. When fluffs collide, the smaller one eats up the bigger one – not only do you lose a life in the process, it delays your fluff’s evolution.


There are three different ways to enjoy Fluffy Farm – and these game modes contribute significantly not only to one’s enjoyment of the game, they should also be taken as great initiatives to raise the bar for line drawing games as viable alternatives to ad infinitum gameplay.

The Farm Mode is the standard game mode for line drawing games, while the Time challenge focuses on delivering as many fluffs to the conveyor belt as possible before time runs out. The newly added Sort Mode in the latest version puts emphasis on colour matching the fluffs to the correct conveyor belt. In the latter two game modes, fluffs are sent into the farm either full grown or nearly there, making the pace a bit faster and more frantic compared to Farm mode.

My only concerns regard the tutorial rather than the game itself. The choice of text color and font makes it difficult to read the instructions, and to me, the farm mode still isn’t clearly explained in terms of its goals and objectives.


More power ups and alternative game modes in the next update would be appreciated, but only serve as enhancements, really, to a solid, inventive and exciting game. Fluffy Farm succeeds because of its high production value and solid gameplay. It is a breath of fresh air in a very crowded genre, Fluffy Farm is the standard that other line drawing games should follow.


App Summary
Title: Fluffy Farm Developer: Brisk Mobile, Inc.
Reviewed Ver: 1.0.1 Min OS Req: 2.2
Price: $0.99 (50% sale) App Size: 9.6 MB
  • excellent graphics and animation
  • alternative game modes
  • solid, engaging game play
  • difficult to read instructions
  • farm mode not clearly explained


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