The Sandstorm Strikes Back!- MC:S Multiplayer Update Is Upon Us!

modern-combat-sandstorm-preview1If you’ve read my review of Modern Combat: Sandstorm, then you know how much I praised the game. With gorgeous graphics, good solid controls, and an enjoyable but short storyline, Modern Combat: Sandstorm provides for an excellent FPS experience on the iDevice.

However, my only gripe with the near-perfect game was the lack of online multiplayer. Well folks, after nearly 3 months of waiting, Gameloft has finally pulled through! Local and online multiplayer has been added in this new and one heck of an update. 3 maps are currently offered, which support up to 4 players in solo or team matches. Performance on my 3GS has been surprisingly good, with minimal lag experienced. Needless to say, this is one heck of an update. One of the best FPSes on the iDevice just got better. Modern Combat: Sandstorm is highly recommended if you still haven’t picked up a copy yet. Go Go Go!

Gameloft, Modern Combat: Sandstorm, $4.99, 209 MB
Modern Combat: Sandstorm

Update: There have been widespread reports of players encountering the dreaded UPNP error when attempting to connect to a network. Personally, I was able to “fix” this by turning Airplane mode on on my iPhone. If this doesn’t work for you, try enabling/disabling your bluetooth as well. Hopefully, Gameloft will have this sorted out shortly.

  • peranhalter

    I love playing this multiplayer mode update. I do have one important question: What are they doing about all of the cheaters? Skill and knowledge of combat techniques is no real match against a hacker.

  • Hey peran, glad you are liking the update too. As for the hackers, I’m not sure if I’ve ever come across any. However, I do recall being in a match where this one guy wouldn’t die no matter how many times you shot him.. Still, it could have been a server bug that was causing it because I lost connection to that specific game. Anyways, if there are hackers, I’d hope Gameloft would be able to check. Ngmoco took some steps to stop hackers, although there are still players using bots to automatically get headshots. Hopefully Gameloft will do the same..

  • Joe

    Why the heck to they allow All these people to camp on the respawn areas? How is that any fun? Pussies!

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