Spooky Spirits: Puzzle Drop!! In Review – This is what happens if you cross Ghostbusters and Tetris


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Tetris is a legendary game. Created by Alexey Pajitnov back in 1984, it has undergone more modifications than any other games, ranging from easter eggs on oscilloscopes to using the windows of 15-story buildings to play the game. And the various spin-offs would start a tornado if put together. But even this is not enough for some people as they take the general idea and morph it into something wild altogether. How about crossing it with a match-2 puzzle game and catching ghosts?

Spooky Spirits follows the adventures of Becky and Tim – the misfortunate couple of spirit wardens that dozed off and let the ghosts loose. Now it’s up to them to return the spooks to their rightful imprisonment to save their sorry… jobs :)

The general goal of the game is to clear the level by connecting blocks of the same colour. The removal of the blocks itself is triggered by matching a spook block (easily identifiable by a ghost figure inside) with a block or blocks of the same colour. Spooky spirits has 2 completely different game modes with and endless variation thrown in for good measure.


The first is Panic mode. It’s kind of like Tetris, only backwards. You start with some multicoloured blocks on the bottom and a few blocks on the top. You then must move the target box and select which pair of top blocks you want to drop. To give you some more control over the process, you can swap the position of the blocks in the target box. Should you wait too long before dropping these blocks, the ones selected will automatically fall. Also, the blocks below are gradually pushed up by new ones appearing beneath. The idea is to reach a certain score before the blocks pile up all the way to the top.

The Eternity mode is an endless variation of the Panic one. You just keep on clearing the blocks as long as you can or until you reach the maximum score of 9,999,999. Yeah, right, very likely.


The second mode is the Puzzle mode. There are no time constraints here, instead you’re limited in the number of drops you have available. The goal is clearing the level of all but grey blocks. While this may sound easy – it becomes a real brain-twister on the later levels.

I liked both of the modes, though they appeal to completely different sides of my nature. The Panic mode gets really frantic as the game progresses and the brain starts to really work in overdrive. The Puzzle mode on the other hand allowed me to calmly consider my next move and was almost akin to playing chess.

The graphics in Spooky Spirits are nice, the characters have a distinct wacky art style and the backdrops are beautiful. The performance is excellent on the 3G, so no worries here. The music works rather well and adds atmosphere to the  block dropping process. The interface is also well thought out and controls are done using simple finger-swipe movements.


I quite enjoyed playing Spooky Spirits. While the game doesn’t bring anything new to the platform, it is nevertheless a very solid product with 2 distinct gameplay modes that will appeal to both the calm and patient thinker and the act-now-think-later types of gamers. All of this is topped off with very nice graphics, an intuitive interface, a substantial number of levels and a story with humorous characters. It is definitely worth picking up if you’re into puzzle and match ’em games, though for a more casual player I would propose to wait for a discount. On the other hand we seem to be really spoiled by the $0.99 price tag – come on, I spend the same on a single bus ride! In the end though, the full price of $1.99 is a small price to pay for such a quality product.

With this I declare Spooky Spirits: Puzzle Drop!! officially touched!

Congrats to JustMe, Devilishly Good and danish_19 for being randomly chosen for a copy! Enjoy!


App Summary
Title:Spooky Spirits: Puzzle Drop!!Developer:Innogiant Ltd.
Reviewed Ver:1.0Min OS Req:3.1
Price:$1.99App Size:16.2 MB
  • Nice graphics
  • Humorous characters
  • 2 distinct gameplay modes
  • May get a bit boring after a while


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  • jatzzy

    Reading your review and looking at the screenshots makes me want to ditch Tetris – I know it’s a classic! – and get this game instead. Short of a Kiss It rating, I think with a good-looking game such as this, I won’t get bored right away!

  • Graphics look polished, like the backgrounds, but not sure how well it plays as a tetris style clone. It’s nice that you have a few colours to choose from at the top rather then a random piece falling every time.

  • oops, didn’t mean to hit reply to jatzzy, meant to hit post. sorry!

  • Fares

    I have only one thing to say here and that is a great review as usual : )

  • danish_19

    I love these drop puzzle games. Grate graphics too, would love to play this!

  • Samuel

    Count me in for Spooky Spirits giveaway :)

  • Janet

    Cute graphics + Match 3 like gameplay. What’s not to like. A likely purchase for me if I don’t win

  • Dan

    Guys, thank you for the excellent review and very kind comments from your readers!

    I’m overjoyed that you guys are excited about our game. Alot of time, sweat, tears and more importantly passion went into the development to make sure Spooky delivers!

  • Dan

    Oh I also forgot to add! Please make sure you rate us on the AppStore to all those that make the purchase! Help us get the game into more hands, we love the iPhone and would love to develop more innovative titles!

  • Devilishly Good

    That looks very cute and polished.

  • JustMe

    Spooky Spirits looks like a fun game ! Good review. I saw the YouTube video on the game – looks cool !

  • Alison

    I really can’t get enough of these puzzle games on the iPhone! This definitely looks like a quality addition to the puzzle genre.

  • Kent

    Too many match 3 type of games in the Appstore … but this game looks interesting based on the review given.

  • This looks pretty interesting. Assuming the music in the video is from the game, I’m definitely digging that. Graphics don’t look too bad either.

  • edbertin

    I entered once in a giveway to win this great app, but i´m not the lucky one.

    Now i can have an opportunity to win this awesome app.


  • Dan

    So any of you guys who have bought it care to share your impressions with me?:)

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