Granny Coder wins: Gelex free for the weekend! Contest afoot!


Last time the name Gelex crossed TMA, we were busy getting you to shout I want Gelex for free!”. Well, just two weeks and a few days later, Gelex has been released at the App Store and thanks to all of your hard work, is FREE for a limited time. Seller Pavel Barak has released Gelex for the hefty discount of 100% for this weekend only, but fortunately, the good cheer doesn’t end there.

Handjoy, the Granny Coder, and the gods of grace and mercy have conspired for one last bit of good news: a contest in which entrants can win some nice App Store loot. The catch? There is a catch: you have to download Gelex, do damn well in it, add its author as a friend on Facebook, and if that isn’t enough, brag to your friends how well you did. Whew!

Handjoy, Gelex, FREE till 7 December, 2009, 9.2 MB

Full contest details, prizes, and screens after the gap:

Play Gelex and win iTunes gift certificate
Gelex is addictive arcade game for both casual and hardcore players, where your main goal is to destroy little jelly bricks and earn the highest score. Game combines physics elements with traditional match 3 concept.

We are proud to present brand new contest which starts tomorrow along with Gelex release. Competition is very simple. You need to beat all other Gelex players, earn the highest score in the game and win great prizes!

If you want to participate in this competition you need to do following steps:
Add Marie Bila (author of the game) as your friend on Facebook (
Download and start playing Gelex
Connect Gelex with your facebook account
Play Gelex and try to reach best score
When you finish your game, boast about your score on Facebook

Contest ends on Monday (7th December) when we announce winners. What you can win:
1. Place – The Highest score: 40$ iTunes email gift certificate
2. Place: 20$ iTunes email gift certificate
3. Place: 10$ iTunes email gift certificate
5 random contestants will receive promo code for Handjoy’s iPhone game Jumboo (1,99$)

For more information about game and the contest please visit:
The Granny Coder’s official homepage

About Marie Bila
Marie Bila is 78 year old lady, mother of 3 kids and 5 grandchildren, who lives in small village in Czech Republic with one cat called Jasmina, 15 chickens and goat Liza.

About Handjoy
Handjoy is a creative agency focused on providing complex marketing solutions in the field of games and advergaming. Since its foundation in 2005, Handjoy has been trying to bring original, amusing and successful titles in marketing, which are able to hold every player’s interest no matter how old he is.

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