Emergency City in Review – A Guide to Good Governance

Emergency City 1

A building bursts into flames. Shooting erupts in the building a block away. In another part of the city, there is a major virus outbreak. Good governance means providing timely and efficient services. In busy and crowded cities, sometimes there are several emergencies to attend to in a single day. In real life, however, action is not as efficient and quick.

The great thing about games is that anything is possible! Welcome to Emergency City where fires, shootouts and outbreaks happen every couple of seconds – and it’s your job to handle all these emergencies as quickly and efficiently as you can.

The job is easy enough. All you have to do is find the distressed area in the city, tap on it to alert the proper agency, then tap on the correct emergency vehicle to send it on its way through color matching – red is for the fire truck, blue is for the police car, and green is for the ambulance. Take note though: one failed rescue means game over.

Emergency City 2

The fairly simple premise is made more fun and interesting thanks to colorful, polished graphics and sound effects. You not only get a beautifully designed city you also get to enjoy the realistic sound of ambulance, fire truck and police sirens as they make their way to their destinations. It’s perfect for young players who will enjoy the colorful graphics and sounds.

Emergency City 3

The game starts out easy enough with enough time to scan the screen for the fairly small emergency vehicles. After a while the cruising gradually turns into frantic searching and tapping, and thankfully, controls are very responsive and reliable, especially when dealing with multiple emergencies.

A large part of the challenge is finding the distressed area and looking for the emergency vehicle while it’s in transit. Soon enough, more and more problems occur at the same time requiring a good and efficient strategy to attend to all of them. The lack of a zoom-in function makes it difficult not only to search but also to appreciate the fine detail of the overall design.

Emergency City 4

Once you get the hang of it – and it comes easily enough, the impatience sets in. A single level feels like endless mode – I think I played a single level for nearly thirty minutes. Since there is no variation other than the growing frequency of emergencies, waiting for the level up can be a chore. Halfway through the first level I started wondering if I played the wrong game mode. Unfortunately, when I advanced to the next level and lost, I had to start all over again because the game does not have any retry options yet.

Emergency City 5

Emergency City needs some depth to keep it more interesting and re-playable – after all, relying on a paper-thin premise will have the game wear out its welcome. Each level should be shorter or should have more challenges built in. However, if Emergency City is designed for a younger set of players, they might not mind the monotony. Some in-game music would be good to avoid lulls in between attending to an emergency and waiting for another one to come in. Including mission-based or time challenge modes as well as more themes, environments and types of emergency vehicles would be welcome additions to the game.

Overall,  the eye catching and addictive game is a real treat for kids and the kid in all of us.


App Summary
Title: Emergency City Developer: Lightfoot Games Ltd
Reviewed Ver: 1.00 Min OS Req: 2.2.1
Price: $1.99 App Size: 16.0 MB
  • colorful and detailed graphics
  • great game sounds
  • a great game to keep the kids busye
  • levels are too long
  • not enough variety in the gameplay
  • no save function at each level; you have to start over


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