iGizmoz in Review – Dashboard Style Widgets In The Palm Of Your Hand


There are a bunch of features that are available on the Mac which are coming to the iPlatform. With their base OS being similar, it isn’t a huge surprise. The latest of these features is a mac style dashboard app that offers similar widgets and some enhancements to make the purchase a good one.

For those of you who have a Mac and/or are familiar with the dashboard then you will definitely notice the similarity. Just like the desktop version your gizmoz are smooth and clean and can be dragged about the screen. Since your screen space is significantly smaller you can drag the screen to the left and open up more space for you to use on the right.


There are quite a few gizmos: 11 available in version 1.00. Most of them will be familiar to Mac users and all of them look sweet. They also act almost like an independent app within the iGizmoz, almost like 11 running, open apps. Considering that we live in a ‘no background apps’ OS world, this is a pretty neat feature.


My favourites are probably the Contact gizmo and the Google search, each which look sweet and have top-notch functionality. The contact gizmo lets you add one number for one of your contacts and lets you contact them with only one tap. The Google search adds a search bar to the screen and allows you to search for whatever and displays the results in a built-in browser.

To add a gizmo to the screen you just tap the little tab on the bottom of the screen. Up will pop a bar with all the available gizmos for you to drag to the screen. Any app that requires extra user configuration will have a little gear appear above it which you must tap to edit. Another way to edit it is to hold your finger down on the screen until the bar pops up.

Review-Productivity-iGizmos-4 Review-Productivity-iGizmos-5

Of course iGizmoz would be 100x better if it could be used from the lockscreen or in the background instead of in-app. But due to Apple’s unwillingness to budge on rules regarding the lock or homescreen, this really is the only option of it’s kind for those with non-jailbroken phones. If you need a hand or want some tips on the how’s and what’s for the app, just tap the little gear icon in the top right corner that appears when you are in edit mode. There you will find extra customisations as well as help, contact info, and a handy button to reset your gizmoz whenever you want to start over.


iGizmoz is pretty good. There are a good amount of gizmoz to get you started and familiar with and if you are a fan of widgets, then you will definitely like this app. Even if you aren’t familiar with all the world of floating icons, I’m sure you’ll still enjoy the added functionality that comes with having up to 11 open apps at once.


App Summary
Title: iGizmoz Developer: Omer Shoor
Reviewed Ver: 1.00 Min OS Req: 2.2
Price: $0.99 App Size: 4.9 MB
  • 11 great, useful gizmoz (or widgets) all in one
  • Amazing design
  • Built in browser
  • Customize almost everything
  • Unable to display on home/lockscreen (Apples fault not the dev’s)


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