Disney at Work: Epcot in Review – an inspirational app!

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Disney at Work: Epcot is well outside most of the reviews I’ve done for TMA. It’s not a game, but in fact a learning tool. The goal of the app is to teach, and it succeeds pretty well in doing just that. What you get out of it really has more to do with what you’re looking for in it. Disney at Work teaches two things: a history of Epcot, and how you can use the lessons learned from that in your own life/career/business.

It app is broken up into chapters, like a book. Each chapter offers an intriguing look into the making of the Disney theme park Epcot. It’ll take you through each section of the park, giving stories about each ride and the challenges Disney Imagineers faced to make this park a reality. There are nice photos at the beginning of each chapter to illustrate the text. You can skip all around to different stories within the app if you’re looking for information about one particular favorite area. But the entire thing is worth reading. You’ll learn all kinds of trivia about the building of Epcot, and many useful lessons as well.

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That’s really the second purpose behind the app – the lessons you can learn from the stories being told. Disney has lots of these, they’ve had a lot of practice over the years in finding innovative ways to accomplish goals and ultimately provide a unique customer experience that has placed them at the very top of the service game. If you don’t think there’s anything you can learn from Disney that could be applied to your own life in some way, think again. At the end of each chapter, you are presented with questions and ideas to think about – and I found myself just as taken with those as I was with the history of the park itself.

Which is why, at least for me, this app is a success. It does exactly what it sets out to do -to provide an insightful learning experience. If you’re a Disney fan, the history alone is worth the price of the app. If you’re looking for some motivational material to use at work, again Disney at Work has you covered. It isn’t a chore to read through, nor is it feel preachy; this multimedia book is a compilation of real-world experiences that provide valuable lessons. For fans, it’s definitely worth Grabbing.


App Summary
Title: Disney at Work: Epcot Developer: TimeStream Software
Price: $4.99 App Size: 43.5 MB
  • Informative application that provides wonderful insight into the making of Epcot
  • Lessons learned can be applied to life, businesses and careers
  • Probably limited appeal to those who either have an interest in Disney trivia or are looking for a inspirational type application


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