Andy Adventure in Review – Didn’t Fall Head Over Heals for this one…


I suppose Andy Adventure is what you might expect if you were to cross Topple with Indiana Jones. You play a brave adventurer traveling the world, collecting treasure and trying to defeat the bad guys. The game actually has a lot of potential, but sluggish performance and the need to repeated play a high percentage of the levels before moving on tend to bog down the excitement. Let’s see if this adventure is for you or not.


As with a bulk of iPhone games, game play is actually pretty simple. As Andy Adventure you always start on top of a pile of crazy geometrically shaped denizens, and you must remove them one at a time to cause the tower to fall. Your ultimate goal is to get Andy to rest comfortably on the target platform of each level, though that platform may not necessarily be the one your starting tower of creatures is on. To remove a critter you just have to click on it, but due to poor response time, it can take more than one click.

The key is to remove the right critters to cause the tower to fall in the direction you need to go, which will usually be indicated by arrows if there are multiple platforms. Along the way there might be coins or jewels that you can make Andy tumble into for more points. Also, on most levels there will be a bad guy that shows up towards the beginning, followed closely by a weapon in a crate. Simply click on the crate to capture the weapon then click on the weapon to dispose of the bad guy. This must be done before the bad guy can hurt any creatures, or you have to start the level over.

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My biggest issue with the game is that you have to replay each level several times until you get a high enough combined score to move on to the next country. This wouldn’t necessarily be so bad, but every time you lose a level the game has to reload even if you don’t exit the level. That, combined with the game’s sluggish performance, doesn’t really make me want to stay in one area very long.

The aesthetics are the best part of the game. The characters are cute and colorful, and their facial expressions are amusing. The backgrounds are nicely drawn as well. I like the fact that the main character has a different outfit for each country. They also did a good job with the sound effects, giving most every character a unique cry when you remove them from the game. The music is the best part, however, with a different theme for each country.


In the end, Andy Adventure is big on atmosphere but actually quite lacking in adventure. I like the attempt the developer made to take a physics (un)stacking game and give it a purpose, but based on the outcome, I’d say that maybe this type of game is better off not having a real goal.


App Summary
Title: Andy Adventure Developer: Rhema Press
Reviewed Ver: 1.1 Min OS Req: 2.2.1
Price: $0.99 App Size: 33.3 MB
  • Cute, lively graphics
  • A good soundtrack
  • Amusing sound effects
  • Tries to expand on a proven genre
  • Somewhat unresponsive control
  • Sluggish performance
  • Have to revisit levels too many times


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