The JBnator Diaries – Fixing Push Notifications and YouTube on “hacktivated” phones


Hello again, folks – your guru of jailbreaking here! And today I’ll tackle the problem which rendered Push and YouTube inoperable on “hacktivated” iPhones. I referenced it in my last article on upgrading jailbroken phones. Well, there’s always a way out and I’m gonna tell all!

Ok folks, there are two ways of doing this (typical no?): the easy way and the hard way.

First, the easy way. Mind, in this case Push and YouTube will ONLY work on EDGE or 3G (not on Wi-Fi).

  1. Open up Cydia
  2. Add the package source (Manage->Sources->Edit->Add)
  3. Install the Push Fix
  4. Remove all applications with Push from the iPhone
  5. Reboot (not respring) your iPhone
  6. Reinstall all applications with Push
  7. Now open up Settings->Notifications and do the monkey

The second way is a bit more complex. But at least you’ll know what has actually been done to your phone, and Push and Youtube will work everywhere.

Our toolbox for today:

  • iPhone 2G/3G/3GS already jailbroken and hacktivated
  • iPhone Folders – download latest version at the author’s site
  • Files from here [Rapidshare]
  • iPhone apps – download off Cydia:
    • iFile (the shareware version will be more than enough)
    • MobileTerminal
    • afc2add

Now let’s get to it!

  1. Unpack the archive and check that it contains the following files
  • youtube-cert.bin
  • youtube-key.bin
  • push-cert.bin
  • push-key.bin
  • inject
  1. Open iPhone Folders and navigate to \private\var\Keychains and copy all of the files to the folder
  2. Open iFile on the iPhone (just ignore the shareware notice) and navigate to /private/var/Keychains
  3. Now for each of the newly copied files go to properties and set the permissions to rwxr-xr-x (755) like on the screenshot below
  4. Make a backup of the keychain-2.db file from the same folder to your PC just in case
  5. Open MobileTerminal
  6. Now enter the following commands (*enter* means you press the “enter” key)
    • su *enter*
    • alpine (or your root password if you have changed it – this will not appear on the screen, but don’t worry, it is normal) *enter*
      It should indicate you’re now working as root
    • cd /private/var/Keychains/ *enter* (pay attention to letter casing)
    • ./inject *enter* (make sure not to forget the “.” at the beginning)
  7. Wait for the process to end!
  8. Remove all applications with Push from the iPhone
  9. Reboot (not respring) your iPhone
  10. Reinstall all applications with Push
  11. Now open up Settings->Notifications and do the monkey twice as hard!

That’s it folks!

There are a long line of articles planned, but I would also like to hear from you. Please send us ideas and suggestions regarding what you would like to see covered in this column.

[Thanks to keksman]
su *enter*
alpine (this will not appear on the screen, but don’t worry, this is normal) *enter*
It should indicate you’re now working as root
cd /private/var/Keychains/ *enter*
./inject *enter*
  • solid

    brilliant !!!
    the first way broke my wifi
    and gave me lots of troubles …

    but just installing the youtube files on the second fix finally brought my youtube
    back to life.

    great guide.
    much appreciated

  • I DID warn that I do NOT recommend the first option. Thank you for proving me right :)

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  • Alky-holic

    Awesome! This worked for me.

    Took me a bit of reading though to fully get everything to work. Being a relatively new iPhone user, i pretty much had to start from scratch when it comes to jailbreaking, etc.

    You might wanna mention (for the newbies like me) that you also have to install a certain app so that you can browse the private folders (i can’t remember what app it is anymore but it sounded like afc2—-)

    Also, when using MobileTerminal, it is important to make sure that the K in “Keychains” is capitalized as it will not work otherwise. There is also a period before the /inject command (it was hard to see with the font, had to copy paste it to notepad to see it better)

    Sorry, these may be totally stupid things to bring up, but for the total newbie like me i think it would help a lot :)

    Awesome guide! Thank you for letting me get my push notifications to work!

  • Alky-holic,

    Thank you very much for such a detailed and thought out comment.

    I will make sure to do the necessary edits to make the article a bit more clear as you pointed out!

    You definitely earned a bonus – look for in the mail soon.

  • Edwin

    This work for me 😀

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