Flying Pigs in Review – When Hell freezes over


Despite pushing an App Store page comprised 80% of thinly veiled shills who just ‘love’ this game, Flying Pigs has a few very redeeming qualities. The first? You get to fly a saucer as in ‘Alien effin’ saucer’! The second is that Sobits have dredged up a bit of humour from the age-old idiom, ‘when pigs fly’. Believe it or not, this idea hasn’t been done in the same way before – so strap on your tin-foil helmets, grab some bacon, and let’s get gamin’…

Tilt to the left, tilt to the right, and you guessed it: tilt up and down. Flying Pigs is one of the most simple games I have encountered. Just a couple of pointers: if you tilt hard, your ship will reach ‘warp speed’ and smash into every invincible pig on the screen in just seconds. Keep. Your. Hands. Steady. As long as you can tilt, you can dodge, and as long as you can dodge, you can play Flying Pigs.

And that is why it just works.


Think of it as the opposite of Doom where you must shoot anything that moves. Just skip around everything that looks alive, and grab things like bacon which arent’. I mean, of course! Aliens love bacon! When all life points are gone, the game is up. Typical. So, as you accelerometer your way to the left and to the right, piggling along the way, you can snack and disrupt the nightmarish world of flying pigs. Points accrue the longer you stay alive, so dodge, dodge, dodge!


There isn’t a leaderboard, and to tell you the truth, I’m not sure if I would use it if there was even though the shills might. And there isn’t really much to look at. Flying pigs really is as bare-bones as it looks. But somehow, the tilting, the dodging is addictive. Aside from pig noises, there isn’t much to listen to though the game has a catchy soundtrack which precludes the use of iTunes music :(

Flying Pigs is fun, but it has some problems. The first is that it has no options menu, making calibration impossible. The iDevice sometimes goes wonky, and in those cases, you will be hard put to maintain anything but strange angles in avoiding pigs and other flying bits. Sobit need to at least slap on a re-calibration tool to help users enjoy the game. But, like the name Biggus Dickus, I am reminded of a joke whenever I play. This app is a joke which Sobits have slipped from their sleeves, and despite its shortcomings, I ‘get it’.


App Summary
Title: Flying Pigs Developer: Sobits
Reviewed Ver: 1.00 Min OS Req: 2.2.1
Price: $0.99 App Size: 2.7 MB
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Flying Pigs!
  • Cute, fun, and tiring
  • No calibration
  • No leaderboards
  • App Store Shills


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