Sexy FindIT in Review – uncovering that spot


Earlier this year, I reviewed FindIT, an extremely hi-res ‘spot the difference’ app which dazzled with smashing photographs, but frustrated with a spotty menu system. Well Granet have come back with a shot from the hip: Sexy FindIT is bittier and cheaper than the original. And I prefer it for reasons which are more than just skin deep…

Firstly, the horrid GUI which sometimes had you backtracking after a forward swipe has been overhauled. Now, if you are careful, it will follow the direction of your flick. Yes, it is still a wanna-be Mac goulash ala Windows 7, but at least it ‘just works’. And no, you still cannot listen to your tunes – three quarters of a year later, Sexy FindIT still bumps along on the sometimes fun, sometimes scary tracks which pushed FindIT to market. While not a good thing, at least most iDevices feature a volume rocker to help you out of the spotty music.


Under the bonnet, it is the same game, but the whole package is a lot more attractive. You still must find 5 differences between the two images before the timer runs out and like the original, you have one hint to help you out. Sometimes, differences are nipple-sized, sometimes the barest of breaths on a shadow. Many are hard to uncover. But, I really get into the game; I zoom waaaaay in, admiring the graphics, and most of the time am able to find all five differences. Even if I get stuck on the last one, I usually let the clock run down before clicking ‘hint’.


Indeed, each level brings mounds of delight. From a technical perspective, the Granet team remain talented with Photoshop brushes and can very cleverly hide or uncover whatever they wish. But, I wish they could let me enjoy my own tunes, and put the last bit of needed effort into the level selection screen which still can be a pain.


If I was only 66% positive about the first FindIT, I am really excited about his sequel. It works better; indeed, after the better part of a year, Granet have found out what makes App Store apps tick (and sell). And at 99 cents, FindIT Sexy Edition offers so much value for the dollar. Sexy FindIT is a feast for the eyes and a treat for the wallet and while still shy of a perfectly curvy interface, it is a veeery exciting app.


App Summary
Title: Sexy FindIT Developer: Granet
Reviewed Ver: 1.00 Min OS Req: 2.2.1
Price: $0.99 App Size: 27.5 MB
  • Gorgeous visuals đŸ˜‰
  • Useable menu system
  • Great price
  • Many levels to play
  • Intense concentration helps the time pass
  • No iTunes music?
  • Why did the level selector move backwards when I pushed forwards?


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