Mr. Bounce in Review – Bouncy Block Bits Blasting Balls Beautifully


Mr. Bounce is a nice little game from developer Spaces of Play. Similar to Breakout, you bounce a projectile off  parts of a destructible field in order to clear the level. Mr. Bounce is yet another example of how a simple game can be done to good effect.


It may be quite a shock to see how bare bones Mr. Bounce is: pure black with aqua for most text as well as the visualizer in the background. In game, it is the same black/aqua design, with the only difference being that the various items that you are trying to hit come in several colours and shapes. I’m all for simple design, but after a slew of realistic, 3D super dynamic graphics, it might be somewhat of a shock to modern gamers.


As I mentioned, the game is similar in style to Breakout. You drag a bar across the bottom of the screen to bounce a block/ball up and knock out various coloured shapes. There is a helpful white line to show you where your projectile will bounce, but I personally feel that controls are inconsistent. At certain times they are too sensitive, at others, they feel sluggish. I think it is time for Spaces of Play to perform a few tweaks.

The game becomes easier after a bit of practice, but it’s not as easy as you would think, especially as you reach higher levels.  To get acquainted, the tutorial is helpful, especially for new players. But even to seasoned Breakouters, the tutorial is a great place to start.


As simple as Mr. Bounce is, it maintains addictive game play through several items, notably its leaderboards. After a bit of practice, it is great to show off to other players how much better you are than they. The “Hall Of Fame” shows the top scoring players, and surprise surprise, you can add a custom phrase to your score. Yeah, it’s time to trash talk!


And, that’s pretty much it. Although it may not be loaded with extras or crazy 3D design, Mr. Bounce is still a great title with addictive replay value for those who strive to be on top. Once you get used to the controls, the game shows its value, but it is obvious that controls need to be fixed.  I still recommend this app to anyone who enjoys casual arcade games.  There’s no fancy secret that I’m hiding. This is just a good simple game with a design to match.


App Summary
Title: Mr.Bounce Developer: Spaces of Play
Reviewed Ver: (Version 1.0.1) Min OS Req: 2.2.1
Price: $0.99 App Size: 5.1Mb
  • Controls easy to learn, harder to perfect
  • Pick up and play, no time commitment necessary
  • Customizable online leaderboard
  • Controls can be difficult at times
  • Design may be a little too simple for some people


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