StrawNinja : Just Run in Review – Run ninja, run!


Sometimes I get tired of running through tap-dancing routines with my fingers in all those “Jesus” phone games. In those moments, I strive for the simple life, where one huge button does everything. That’s my idea of a perfect interface! Well, Digital Play have got the answer: StrawNinja : Just Run, the one-touch-does-all game!

Gameplay is extremely simple. Your ninja automatically runs from left to right (and sometimes swings Tarzan-style across the screen) in pursuit of a fairy who litters a trail of stuff all over the level. Yep, ninja is a pervert. Scores are awarded for collecting the most stuff. If it sounds familiar, Canabalt already introduced this sort of game play, but in an even simpler package.


Ok, as I said, the gameplay is simpler than simple, though quite addictive. You control the ninja by tapping to make him jump. A tap-and-hold while airborne will make him shoot his straw to grab on to anything. Once you release your finger he’ll let go, but timing is essential.

The game features 4 difficulty levels with various worlds to run through to get to the goal. For die-hard gamers, there is also an endless mode. Game speed picks up considerably on the later stages of any level, so be prepared to turn off your brain and twist your reaction gain to ’11’.


The graphics are cutesy multi-coloured crayon like in Doodle Jump and its host of wannabees. While it looks quite nice, because of the size of the elements used and the rather high pace of the game, the bright colours become a little too flashy and quite difficult to understand what is where and who is who, irrevocably leading to some critical anchor point being missed.

Overall, I did quite like Straw Ninja and if you haven’t picked up Canabalt yet but require something to train your reflexes on, Straw Ninja is worth a look. It is more involved and is priced at only $0.99 with a free version available to check out. At the same time it does miss the Twitter-bragging integration feature that was a large part of Canabalt success.

With this I declare Straw Ninja officially touched.


App Summary
Title: StrawNinja : Just Run Developer: DIGITAL PLAY
Reviewed Ver: 1.1 Min OS Req: 2.2.1
Price: $0.99 App Size: 9.4 MB
  • Simple and addictive gameplay
  • One-touch controls
  • Nice graphics style
  • The ninja is too big
  • The graphics become excessively flashy
  • No twitter integration


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