Gameloft & Capcom chumming it big time!


Well, it’s a fine day for all you iPhone gaming addicts. Gameloft, one of the largest publishers on the iDevice platform, has recently struck a deal with Capcom, the company which has shaped a large portion of the console gaming market. The new partnership is set to bring some of the greatest titles in the history of gaming to the “Jesus” phone!

The titles, that have already been announced, are:

  • Resident Evil ®
  • Uprising
  • Street Fighter ® Alpha
  • Super Puzzle Fighter™ II Turbo
  • Lost Planet™ 2
  • Dead Rising™ 2
  • Where’s Wally 2

This is the first deal between these major companies who hope the partnership to be thebeginning of a new era of quality gaming on the platform. Gameloft certainly have the resources and experience to bring Capcom’s games to European and US users.

“At Gameloft we have pretty high standards when it comes to game development and distribution,” said Gonzague de Vallois, senior vice president of publishing. “These are great titles coming from Capcom and we are very excited to partner with [Capcom] to bring these games to all consumers using different distribution channels and marketing resources.”

“Gameloft has tremendous strength with its massive distribution network in Europe,” said Matt Gillis, executive vice president of publishing, Capcom Mobile. “The company has continually proven to excel at publishing the best games for all types of audiences and we are fully confident that this partnership will not only benefit both parties involved, but most importantly the end user.”

All of the games are scheduled for 2010.

[via Gameloft]

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