There’s an app for that: Cover Up when nature calls


Ladies (and gents), ever found yourself locked up in the stall of a public washroom and reluctant to let loose while strangers (or friends) could hear just about every embarrassing detail? Now thanks to Appetizer Mobile, women (and men who don’t mind turning their iDevices into a virtual make up kit) can finally enjoy the comforts of a foreign and hostile loo without the need of holding anything back.

Cover Up gives women the discretion they need when nature calls. With five different noises to choose from, Cover Up can help save face in those potentially awkward situations in the office place bathroom, public restroom or at the new boyfriend’s house.

With Cover Up, girls can play running water or hair dryer noise on their iPhone or iPod touch to cover up those embarrassing sounds and save themselves from any inevitable uncomfortable conversations.

Designed to emulate your typical makeup case, the brushes control the volume while the colored areas will turn your iDevice into a restroom sound box. How effective is Cover Up you ask? Well, pray you have your volume cranked up and Taco Bell wasn’t your last meal. Appetizer Mobile’s promo video (dramatization with beautiful babes) after the gap!

Appetizer Mobile LLC, Cover-Up, $0.99, 1.7 MB


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