Groovin’ Blocks in Review – Match 3 to a different beat

Groovin Blocks 1

Groovin’ Blocks is another mash-up of genres, this time a mix of puzzle and rhythm music games like Rock Band and Guitar Rock Tour. And it’s a successful merger – producing a game that’s got a unique visual and audio style. If that sounds like it might appeal to you, click on through to get my thoughts.

Starting with the basics, Groovin’ Blocks is a match 3 (or more) of the same color tiles type game. Like tetris, every few seconds you’ll be given a new vertical line of 3 tiles at the top of the screen which you must place somewhere at the bottom. As the line falls, you can change the order of the colored tiles, though the line shape never changes. You can move the line to the right or left, to best align the colors to create matches with what’s already on the field of play.

Groovin Blocks 2

What’s added to this is the audio component of the game. You play the game to a music track selected as different difficulty levels from the main menu. The goal is to achieve a certain amount of points before the song is over, so that you can proceed on to higher levels and more songs. While you get points for making matches, you get even more points for making matches to the beat of the music. Musical beats are represented by lines scrolling to the sides of the playing field – and if you press the down button in time with the beat, you have the potential to gain bonus points in a couple of ways.

First, if you can match beats, you’ll gain bonus points. But, lets say you can’t – the beat meter will increase it’s length on the screen and should you manage to make a match on the beat the next time, you’ll gain even more points. The larger the beat meter is, the greater potential score.

Groovin Blocks 3

And that’s really the whole point of the game. While you could play it without sound (due to the visual clue on the screen of the beat meter) music is an integral part of the game experience. The graphics are a nice vector/Tron style that’s very appealing, though to be honest, I feel like the layout is a little boring and there’s a lot of dead space on either side of the playing field in landscape mode. But none of those things take away from the ability to play the game. If this sounds like the right combination for you, I’d suggest you to go ahead and grab it.


App Summary
Title: Groovin’ Blocks (v1.0) Developer: Zoo Publishing Inc.
Price: $1.99 App Size: 35.5 MB
  • artistically unique
  • great merger of puzzle and rhythm games
  • a lot of dead space on the playing field
  • not as much fun without sound


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