iPhone in Korea – Official launch 28 November


In light of recent news, my faithless and incessant ripping of the Korean mobile phone marketplace looks distasteful and trite, but hindsight doesn’t sober as much as the exciting/perplexing KT iPhone launch. After numerous delays, Jesus will be delivered to the hands of the pre-order faithful this Saturday, 28 November. If you are in Seoul, you can march down to the Jamsil Gymnasium, attend launch festivities, and get away with a shiny 3G or 3GS. According to The Korea Times, this event is for pre-order customers only, but have no fear, KT’s iPhone can still be ordered online through KT’s ‘handler’.

Plan pricing is available as follows (after the gap):

KT are subsidising the iPhone which costs: 946,000 won (32GB) and 814,000 won (16 GB) respectively. Plans cannot be annulled and last for 2 years.


PlaniLite (i라이투)iMedium (i미디암)iPremium (i푸리미암)
Talk200 minutes400 minutes800 minutes
Data500 MB1 GB3 GB
Plan Price45 000 won/month65 000 won/month95 000 won/month
8GB 3G132 000 wonIncluded in contract priceIncluded in contract price
16 GB 3GS264 000 won132 000 wonIncluded in contract price
32 GB 3GS369 000 won264 000 won132 000 won

For a good run-down of plan details in English, take a look at iPhone in Korea Blog.

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  • If India were to get the 3GS on 28th Nov, I’d jump on the couch… :(

  • If India were to get the 3GS on the 28th, hell, I’d take a day off! See you on the couch soon enough…

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