“That’s a good thing” – Ballmer on Windows’ shrinking market share


Add another check-mark to the growing list of Ballmer-boners remarks. 19 November, Microsoft’s CEO placated shareholder fears regarding dismal smartphone market share by blessing them with the knowledge that Windows has a 96% share, a number which not only flies in the face of web statistics, but is incorrect in both the world-wide as well as US markets. In 2008, Windows fell to less than 90% in the USA, but has seen a modest reprisal thanks to Windows 7, an OS that has advanced the software behemoth past its dark-age roots. Still, global figures show OSX alone with 5,26%, not to mention the smaller, but quickly growing markets for Linux and other alternative operating systems. Naturally, part of a CEO’s job is to tell flattering lies, but unless Microsoft cut market segments like Jobs’ cronies cut performance figures for new Macs, Ballmer has either: A. gone outside without a bonnet, or B. been asleep for the last 5 years. Still, TMA have to give it to Microsoft for surviving the tribulations of an aped CEO who can sleep off a 6% market share drop and call it a “good thing”.

[via Apple Insider]

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