CYEARS ShootingSimulator in Review – a vertical scroll shooter… without the shooting


Do you like vertical scroll shoot-em-up games? Have you ever wondered what it’s like for the other side, the side that can’t fight back? Well, now you can find out. IMJ Mobile have recently released a unique and controversial game called CYEARS ShootingSimulator. So let’s find out how it feels to lose all your weapons.

The story in CYEARS actually goes like this – you’re a test pilot, running through different sims on various ships. As it is just a simulation, you don’t get any weapons, rather you have to test the mobility of the ship you’re in.

The game play is very simple and straightforward. You must complete the objective of the mission and survive. The missions or, actually, sub-missions have one of about a dozen objectives, ranging from plain survival for a set period of time, to collecting markers, to destroying markers floating around or after you – and all of this without firing a single shot. After you finish the mission you’re scored based on the time and damage you received. Also, if you have that vanity streak in you, you can save the play data for later review (think of it as saving a replay).

To give you a slightly better understanding of game play we’ll examine the waypoint sub-mission in detail. Your start the mission and you must dodge your enemies’ weapons: laser blasts, spinning pieces of debris, etc., and depending on the mission, you must pass through waypoints going down from 3 to 0. Once you do so the mission is cleared. You’re given some leeway, since the ship can survive a couple of hits/collisions. Taking this in mind it’s quite simple to extrapolate the rest of the game play.


In CYEARS you can either use the accelerometer or virtual stick controls. This was a relief for me because for some reason a lot of the games have lately only stuck with the accelerometer controls for movement. And since I mostly play while commuting it makes for an impossibly frustrating experience. So Kudos to the developers for this. Aside from moving backwards, the controls are very responsive. I can’t figure out whether it’s my fingers or by design, but it’s a bit more difficult to trigger the downwards movement of the ship.


What the game doesn’t lack is quantity – there are 7 stages and 10 missions with 6 submissions each. For those of you who are bad in maths, that is about 420 levels. And more stages can be purchased from within the game itself. Additionally you can unlock up to 21 ship models with varying flight characteristics. Unfortunately I fear that not many of the players will reach the end of even the stock levels since the game play is very repetitive and gets boring rather quickly.


Both the graphics and sounds are nothing spectacular, do the job. With all of this in mind it’s no wonder that the game flies on the 3G, even though it does seem to eat up quite a chunk of memory and has crashed to the Springboard on a number of occasions. I would recommend resetting your “Jesus” phone before playing.


CYEARS is quite an interesting experiment. Unfortunately, even with the achievements, and online rankings, game play quickly bores. There are an overwhelming number of levels, but completing even a handful isn’t as the sort of wonderful that it should be. It may be worth to pick the game up at it’s current discounted price of $0.99 just to find out what it feels like to be on the other side, but I would advise to skip it over at its full price of $2.99.

With this I declare CYEAR ShootingSimulator officially touched!


App Summary
Title: CYEARS ShootingSimulator (v.1.0) Developer: IMJ Mobile
Price: $0.99 ($2.99) App Size: 12.2 MB
  • Original gameplay
  • Vast amount of levels
  • Gets boring very very quickly


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