Audio Technica AT-PHA3i and AT-PHA10 headphone amps


With all the latest audio wizardry coming from smaller, boutique manufacturers, it isn’t surprising when one of the world’s largest headphone companies jumps into the fray with new headphone amplifiers. Audio Technica will debut the made-for-iPod AT-PHA3i in the spring of 2010 and the more traditional AT-PHA10 on 11 December, 2009.

Similar to Fiio’s E1 headphone amp, The AT-PHA3i plugs directly into the iPod’s 30-pin port and is powered by its internal battery. It will supply 22 mW/channel of power @ 32 ohm and sport an impressive 110 db signal to noise ratio. Look for it at 12,600円.


The AT-PHA10 is internally powered for up to 50 hours and packs 16 mW/channel of power @ 16 ohm, sporting 95 db signal to noise ratio. Audio Technica’s price will be 6,300円.

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[via Akihabara News]

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