iPhone in Korea – Jesus on the 28th?


Image from iPhoneinKorea blog

While unofficially dubbed ‘next months’s phone’ here in Korea, the iPhone may actually debut next month. Everyone has their doubts as to whether KT will be able to pull their pants up and sell the phone before this year rolls to an end, but according to the JoongAng Daily, the ‘last’ hurdle has been cleared for the coming of our Lord: the Korea Communication Commission have officially approved Apple’s iconic (there is a pun in there too) for sale here.

Prices are expected to be a bit steep: 35, 000 to 95, 000 won per month on top of whatever the data carriers will charge for information packets. Expect the Korean telecom industry to be transformed by the coming of the iPhone 3GS and 3G; an event which will mark the competitive first introduction of foreign smartphone on this soil. The above image was captured by an iPhone fan and posted at iPhoneinKorea.

My review of the current telecom industry in Korea isn’t positive – it is a shambles of monopoly and power which has overrun the tech-savvy nation for a long time. Accordingly, many of my articles have bit either KT, SKT, or the monopoly-prone market. I would love to be proved wrong.

If you found this article interesting, feel free to read more about iPhone developments in Korea.

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