Big Buck Hunter Pro in Review – Rejoice! A Solution For The Redneck On The Go.


Big Buck Hunter is one of the most popular, well-known arcade hunting games. Developed in 2001 by Play Mechanix Inc., it spawned multiple sequels and is still seen in many arcades today. Thanks to developers Super Happy Fun Fun this ridiculously fun game is now available for your iDevice. Boy Howdy, it’s huntin’ time!


If you’ve ever played the arcade version of Big Buck Hunter you are going to feel right at home here. The design is as close to the original’s vibrant colours and great graphics as possible and everything down to the menus looks just like the arcade title. Unlike other games where they put work into a design that just remains static, Big Buck has a great design, and a foliage-rich landscape which teems with wildlife.

To play the game is as simple as tapping the screen where you want to shoot, and to reload, touch the bottom of the screen. Although it sounds simple, it really does take some work to get it down 100%. As you can guess, a real tutorial isn’t needed; instead, Super Happy Fun Fun have got a clean tips page in the menu.
I love the simply-implemented controls which conserve the game’s fun factor.


There are 3 different versions of gameplay available: 1 Trek, 3 Treks Hunting Adventure and Bonus Only. A “Trek” is a set of 5 hunts. In 1 Trek mode you pick from the 3 available locations and in the 3 Trek mode you play them all.

During each hunt you will have the opportunity to hit 3 deer as well as some bonus critters. Be careful though, because if you hit a doe (a deer, a female deer XD) the round ends with you carrying home just what you shot, but the hunt is over. Just like in the arcade game, you get to play a bonus round after each Trek. Each of the bonus rounds are great. My favorite one is an homage to the old school Duck Hunt, minus the dog laughing and picking up the birds.


Playing the game is actually harder than I thought it would be because there isn’t as much control as in the arcade version where you get to point a mock gun. In the iDevice version, you have to tap where you want to shoot, but it works pretty well. All your shots don’t go unheard; after each trek you are brought to a summary screen where you get to see what you hit, the size of your kill, and any bonuses you received. Oh yes, accuracy geeks will be happy to know that the after-trek screens also show you where your shot lodged.

On top of all the hunting they also added a few really great extras. First off, you can create an account at the Big Buck site to: track track stats, create groups and much much more – details are available on their site. There are also both local and online leaderboards built in, but the coolest feature by far is the Arcade Game Finder. Based on your current location, city, state or zip the game will find all the Big Buck Hunter arcade games nearby so you can enjoy also enjoy the classic!


Big Buck Hunter Pro is great; thanks to Super Happy Fun Fun, my high expectations weren’t smashed. For fans of the original, this game is a great port, and for hunting fans, there is so much to enjoy from a great translation of the game that (sort of) started it all.


App Summary
Title: Big Buck Hunter Pro Developer: Super Happy Fun Fun
Reviewed Ver: Version 1.56.0 Min OS Req: 2.2.1
Price: $0.99 (66% Off Sale!) App Size: 15.5MB
  • Excellent graphics
  • Easy controls
  • Local/Online leaderboards
  • Stay up to date on arcade tournaments
  • Find a BBH machine anywhere
  • Arcade locator only works in U.S.


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