Hopido in Review – Oh hoppy day!

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Hopido is another one of those simple to learn puzzle games that becomes more and more complex as you get into the higher levels. It’s a great brain teaser, the kind of game you can spend hours playing, but broken up into as many quick sessions as you’d like. It’s not the flashiest game you’ll find in the app store, but it doesn’t really need to be, and I’ll tell you why after the break.

For each puzzle (which fits into a single screen in portrait mode) your goal is to highlight all of the tiles (to get the highest amount of frogs). You’re awarded more frogs the more tiles you highlight, so it is possible to get some for even completing most of the puzzle. Getting frogs gives you access to more puzzles – so the incentive to keep revisiting levels until you get them right is always there.

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But, highlighting those tiles isn’t as easy as it sounds. Once you select your starting tile, you can only make a move by jumping your finger over two tiles horizontally or vertically – or by skipping one tile diagonally. And the same rule applies once you’ve tapped that next tile. So you’re always hopping over tiles, tiles that you need to highlight in order to gain those frogs (and later levels). So you need to figure out just the right pattern so that you can complete as much of the puzzle as possible. It can take lots of trial and error – and one of the nice things about Hopido is that it’ll allow you to back up all your moves and retry from any point along the way. Or you can restart the level – and it’s no penalty, you keep any frogs you’ve previously gained while playing this particular level.

The graphics are simple; there’s nothing flashy here, but it doesn’t really need to be either. It’s like a word game or a numbers game – it’s nice to have a little dressing (and Hopido has some) but it’s not really necessary if the game is addictive enough. Hopido certainly succeeds in this area. I found myself wanting to keep playing, trying that next level, seeing if I could get more frogs if I just did this move instead of that one. About the only thing I might have suggested was actually having a frog jump between the tiles as you point out your moves – it would have added a little more purpose to the hopping you’re doing – but that’s really it. This is one of those games that’s definitely worth Grabbing.


App Summary
Title:Hopido (v 1.01)Developer:Moido Games Ltd.
Price:$0.99App Size:3.4 MB
  • Easy to learn
  • Fun casual game
  • Just the right amount of incentive to keep playing
  • Basic graphics


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