The Granny Coder – Gelex dev proves it ain’t too late to create


Unless you are trying to make the last train home, it is never too late to start. The Granny Coder, a 78 year-old grandmother from Czech is proving this very maxim in the creation of a new arcade physics puzzle-game, Gelex. Years ago, she studied the programming languages C and C++, for an IT stint, but now, retired and battling increased free-time, she has picked up iPhone programming. Gelex has even better news: Handjoy are scheming to debut it at reduced price, or in the case that enough people shout and stamp about it on internet, it will be introduced for free in a few weeks.

By the way, “I want Gelex for free!”

Press information and contest rules after the gap:

Press Literature:
Gelex is innovative and highly addictive arcade game for both casual and hardcore players. It combines physics elements with traditional match 3 concept. It is designed and fully optimized for the touch screen with easy to learn controls.

Main goal of the game is to help crazy physicist Alex destroy his newly invented matter called Gelex. Gelex takes form of small, quite annoying, jelly bricks and the only way to destroy them is to match them by color in special vaporizing machine. The more matches you make, the higher your score.

“I’m so excited about Gelex development process and I’m even more excited about the game itself. It’s so funny and entertaining and I hope people will feel the same way” said probably the oldest iPhone game developer Marie Bila, author of the game.

The game is in the final testing phase of the development process and its debut on Apple App Store will be at the beginning of December 2009.

Contest Rules:
Gelex will be for free!!!

But there are conditions… like always :) The game will be completely for free, but just for limited time after its release. And only if people will really want it for free :) And how to prove, that you really want it for free? It’s simple. Just write anywhere on the internet message> I want Gelex for free! You can write it into YouTube comments, various discussion forums, on your twitter/facebook page, on your blog, write article about it or into comments under some other article. Simply just anywhere :)

If the Apple approval procedure will go smooth, the game will be released on Friday the 4th of December. The day before (Thursday) I’m gonna search Google using the quoted query “I want Gelex for free!” (This whole sentence with quotes. link ) and the results will set the price. Right now, there are no results on Google. So, people have nearly 3 weeks to change it :)

And how many results there should be? Well, Handjoy wants the game for 2,99$. I want it for free. Together we’ve agreed that:

  • 50 results on Google -> Starting price will be 1,99$
  • 100 results on Google -> Starting price will be 0,99$
  • 500 results on Google -> Gelex will be first day for free (Friday)
  • 1000 results on Google -> Gelex will be for free on Friday and Saturday
  • 2000 and more results on Google -> Gelex will be for free whole weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday and maybe Monday in the morning :) ).

So if you are waiting for Gelex and want it for free, then here is your chance. I hope you appreciate my effort in lowering the price as much as I could. Handjoy would make it for 2,99$ without comments – bad guys. Hehe. No no, they are great, but sometimes they must stop thinking only about business :)

You can read more about The Granny Coder in a recent PocketGamer

Beta preview of Gelex:

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