Hero Defense in Review – Good Luck, You’re Gonna Need It.

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Hero Defense is a game very similar to Townrs Defender, which I had previously reviewed for TMA. There are some differences that make this game unique in its own way, but ultimately the biggest thing that separates it from Townrs is the difficulty level. Hero Defense is hard – really hard. If that’s the kind of game you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place – and I’m ready to tell you all about it.

The first thing you notice when playing Hero Defense is that it’s played in portrait mode. It’s a nice change from most app store games, especially of this kind, which lends itself to easier one handed play. You’re not awkwardly holding your idevice with one hand in landscape mode while tapping with the other. So I appreciated that change. At the same time though, the maps are larger than the screen – and there’s no way to pan across them. So, to see more of the level, you have to move around.

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To move, you tap a spot on the ground, and your little soldier will go running there. The sprites aren’t very big, but it’s fitting in with the theme of this pocket sized adventure, so I really have no complaints as far as the size and look of the characters goes. And there’s a number of options you have as far as your character goes – with choices of different attack powers that are on a timed recharge between use as well as different maps and increased difficulty levels.

But that brings us right back to the difficulty. Even easy is hard; I have yet to survive 30 waves. Because your goal is to defend your castle from the invading hoards, and they come in waves. As you position your soldier to face them, he will automatically swing his weapon to attack. But there are so many of them, and only one of you. They’ll come from different sides, taking down your perimeter defenses (there are gates blocking multiple paths to your castle, but they will eventually take them down and open those paths up) and slowly hacking away at your castle.

At any point during the game play, you can tap the castle and spend money to rebuild (so long as it hasn’t been destroyed – once that happens, it’s game over) and you can also do that to the perimeter defenses as well – but that requires you have enough money (which you get from killing the enemies). Plus you have to keep track of the health of your castle, your own health, where the enemies are, placing yourself in the best spot to defend, using your special attacks as often as possible, and rebuild your perimeter defenses as often as possible. There’s a lot going on, almost too much.

I actually think the game would be improved by automating a few things. If you die you automatically come back in 10 long seconds – why couldn’t your defenses automatically recharge either over time, or so long as you have enough money to do so? The maps shouldn’t be larger than the screen in my opinion – it feels too big for what is ultimately a pocket adventure. I also think the pause between waves should be longer, allowing you time to rebuild your defenses. With regards to the difficulty, easy should actually be easy – I can’t even imagine surviving 60 or 90 waves in this game.

But in the end, it’s also a good game. There’s nothing particularly wrong with it or inherently bad about playing it. I think the difficultly actually works in it’s favor – there are people out there who like these kinds of games and if you welcome this kind of challenge – this is the game for you. There was only one other game I’ve reviewed for TMA that I felt this way about; Sweetwater Defense was also for those who like a tough game – and that’s what Hero Defense provides as well. For those who are more of a casual gamer, I’m not sure I’d recommend it, but for those who like this kind of game, I’d definitely say you should Tap It.


App Summary
Title:Hero Defense (v 1.01)Developer:Brilliant Worlds
Price:$0.99App Size:15.9 MB
  • Nice Portrait Style game
  • Lots of Special Attact options and upgrades
  • A good choice of levels with increasing difficulty
  • Probably way too difficult for casual fans
  • Cannot scroll around the map
  • Too much going on simultaneously


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