Dell Zune HD… er… Zino HD – iPod… er… Mac Mini Killer


Not sure about the naming scheme here, but Dell have something to show the world. Is it a big Zune HD? Is it a strange Ultrasone headphone product? Is it an iPod touch killer, or is it gunning for the Mac Mini. Wired think it is a Mac Mini killer. I sort of agree. What Dell have going is great pricing – make no mistake. For 230$, you can get a candy-coloured wannabe … something with Ubuntu and for the top end version, spend just over 808$ for a garish, dust-friendly plastic box which lacks optical audio in or out. Still, you get eSata, and HDMI ports along with the 2 USB ports and as is par for PC products, no Firewire. But in the end, it looks and smells like a Dell and if that is up your alley, head to their Zino HD page. For those prefer Apple’s cleaner industrial lines and smarter marketing, the Mac Mini might still be for you.

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