Putting the i into the iPhone: Apple to internationalise 3G


Believe it or not, the iPhone isn’t yet international, at least not as quantified by the boundaries of 3G networks. Even in Canada –and for a variety of reasons including Bell’s CDMA network– the iPhone has been stuck with Robbers Rogers and garnered an unfair evaluation as expensive. Well, 5 November, things changed with Bell’s launch, if only a little. Not only has the tyranny of one been dropped from Canada (and ostensibly soon in the States) with the entry of a Bell-Telus partnership, but the next iPhone (don’t we love to hear about it?) may carry a multilingual Qualcomm 3G chip which will allow the spread of Jesus to all corners of the globe.

The reason Bell have been able to pull together network for the iPhone (as postulated by an American) for the iPhone prior to the 4G iPhone’s debut, is due to Canadian’s love for the borderland. Fact, most of us cannot survive minus 40 and choose instead, to live close to our warmer southern neighbour. With that advantage, Bell have fleeced the media into thinking them an outstanding, fastidious corporation.

After their October press release, I thought Bell to pull a Korea Telecom, promising ‘in two months’ for two years. Whatever. Canada now has 2 carriers, two sets of bad plans and quite good bandwidth: 21 mbps. In case you are an avid Canada blamer, that is roughly 3x the speed of AT&T’s upgraded networks. But back to Qualcomm new multilingual 3G chipset. What this means for travellers is an easier SIM swap (assuming you are Jailbreaked) for use whilst abroad and possible fewer interoperability problems. Oh yes, it may also mean that inroads into new markets is made possible for the iPhone.

I for one look forward to our new i overlord.

[via The Guardian]

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