Apple robbed of Facebook dev – skinny 19 year old gets away


Not that we are taken with wild stories or anything, but this one is a quite a read. One of the App Store’s most respected devs, Joe Hewitt has quit the App Store because of Apple’s horrid review policies. His App Store claim to fame is the hugely popular Facebook app which has gone through numerous updates and is considered by many to be one of the most elegant apps out there. Love or hate the app, the man behind incessant friend updates is gone. You can read all about it at TechCrunch. But there is more…

Meanwhile in Compton (cue up Dr. Dre’s Chronic 2001), a 19-year old known only as Mr. Bradford was arrested for robbery and later released because of what the New York Times terms a, “navel-gazing, cryptic Facebook status update”. Evidently, at the very stroke the robbery occurred, Mr. Badford updated his status to wheres my pancakes, saving him from the slammer.

His lawyer, Robert Reuland, reckons that this is the first time Facebook has spared anyone from criminal charges. My question is this: was Mr. Bradford on his iPhone at the time of his pancake troll? 😉

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