Fantasy Warrior: Good & Evil in Review – Is it good or evil?


Zenonia is widely accepted as one of the most successful RPGs on the AppStore and, as any successful game, it is bound to have followers. Well, Digital Chocolate, one of the better developers on the market, has recently released their view on the concept – Fantasy Warrior: A Tale of Good And Evil.

I’m not sure how fair it would be to call Fantasy Warrior a full-fledged RPG. I would call it more of an arcade/action game with some RPG elements thrown in. A simple and no too bright warrior was tricked to unleash an ancient evil, trapped beneath the land. And the Demonlord has risen to the occasion (of course) and taken over the kingdom. But the warrior, desperate to make up for his mistake, has set off in search of the legendary crystals, the only things that can stop the evil lord. The Demonlord, aware of this threat, has summoned a vampiress to destroy the crystals. Who will prevail? It’s up to you to decide!


As you can gather from this introduction, the game features two sides to choose from. Whether you prefer the good and simple warrior, or the evil, but beautiful vampiress, it’s up to you to decide. Each side has not only distinct skills, but a completely different, although parallel, storyline.

A bit on the gameplay… The game is split into two main parts: the adventure map and tactical map fighting. That is as you come in contact with the enemy, you are whisked off to a sealed area to fight the monsters in real time. There you have your main weapon or skills to use along with quick thinking and reflexes to gain the upper hand. The skills have a cooldown period, or rather a warm up one, since they start empty and are charged up. Skills are acquired automatically as the storyline progresses, so don’t expect any character customization. Weapons are upgradable for cash from special NPCs.


Experience joins gold when slaying monsters and completing quests.  I would note that the monsters do not respawn, meaning that there is only a limited and regulated amount of it in the game leading to the character progression being closely related to the storyline. On levelup, the HP and mana go up automatically – you DON’T get to choose any stats or new skills. As I said, it is more of an arcade game than an RPG. The missing inventory ties in nicely with that concept.

Fantasy Warrior is very much oriented at the really casual player. You simply can’t die in it. If you do, you get respawned with half (yes, half!) your life at the beginning of the level and no other penalties. And dead monsters remain dead. The potion system too is simplified – there is only one potion type, purchasable from a merchant or found during the story and it is used automatically in the heat battle if your health bar goes down to a critical level. For best effect (read full life restore) it is recommended to drink it whilst in the overall map.


The interface is well thought-out and so too are the ergonomic controls, though the virtual direction stick might work better if it could be switched to a d-pad. You can also control your movement by tapping on the play area itself, which is often useful on the overall map. The graphics are quite nice and stylized and, while not being exactly state of the art, do an excellent job of transmitting the atmosphere of the game. I would note the excellent performance of the game on my 3G, which is increasingly a rare thing with the latest blockbuster releases.


To sum it up, Fantasy Warrior is a much much simplified iteration of the Zenonia concept. It really can’t be called an RPG, but it is a damn fine arcade game for the casual player. The ability to look at the story from two completely different perspectives is a very nice touch and literally doubles the gameplay value. It would is a great way for newcomers to the RPG genre to start with, since at least some concepts of it are implemented, although I would recommend hard-core gamers to skip over it, since it is too watered down for any true fan of the genre. If you are unsure of what to do, why not try out the free version?

With this I declare Fantasy Warrior: Good & Evil officially touched.


App Summary
Title: Fantasy Warrior: Good & Evil (v.1.0.3) Developer: Digital Chocolate, Inc.
Price: $4.99 App Size: 9.0 MB
  • Easy to learn
  • Very strong story
  • Two distinct sides to choose from
  • Oversimplified gameplay
  • No character customization or development
  • Linear


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