Browse your iPhone right from Windows Explorer!


Lost in the myriad of software that allows you to browse the contents of your “Jesus” phone? iPhone PC Suite too much for you? Well, an independent developer from the small and forgotten country of Russia has created a simple plugin for Windows Explorer for all your iPhone browsing needs – iPhone Folders.

If you are a “proud” owner of a Windows OS (minus Windows 7 x64), you can finally browse the complete contents of your phone from the relative safety of Windows Explorer. Just install iPhone Folders and as soon as you connect your phone an icon, titled for some strange reason “iPhone Folders” will appear in My Computer. Now just double-click on it and voila, magic happens!

iPhone folders works through the pre-installed iPhone demon and does not require any additional processes to be installed! And it even works with unJailbroken phones! Granted, you’ll only have access to the /var/Media folder, but still!

Now just a short list of features, many of which have never been implemented in any other iPhone browser!

  • Browse the iPhone file system using all of the Windows view (Thumbnails, Tiles, Icons, List, Details)
  • In Thumbnail view a preview of the JPG and PNG files is shown and for the folders, containing iPhone applications (.app) the icon is substituted for the application icon!
  • For symlinks the name of the destination folder or file is shown in Details view
  • A summary is presented on the popup for files and the folder size for folders
  • You can use the address bar to navigate within your phone with autocomplete even
  • File search using the default windows search
  • Copy files to and from the phone using Drag’n’Drop or copy/paste
  • Automatic conversion from Apple’s proprietary PNG format to the commonly used one and from plist binary to xml formats supported when copying from the phone
  • Place links to any folder on the phone right on your desktop (or anywhere else to your liking)
  • Symlink and hardlink creation on the phone
  • Transparent opening of files on the phone
  • The file is automatically transferred to a temporary folder on the desktop
  • In case of changes, after closure the file is automatically copied back
  • Folder creation on the iPhone
  • Rename and delete folders on the iPhone

At the same time there are a few drawbacks:

  • As noted earlier the plugin does not work with Windows 7 x64 (because MS only implemented the 64 bit version Explorer there)
  • It’s impossible to check or change file/folder permissions (a limitation of the pre-installed iPhone demon “afc”)
  • If you have done the Jailbreak using blackra1n, you’ll have to install the “afc2add” package from Cydia for the plugin to work

I have already grabbed the plugin and am completely satisfied with it. If you want to get a piece of the action, head over to the author’s site (in Russian ONLY) or grab the plugin directly here (version 1.0.31 – latest to date)

  • There is an English version of the site as well. Once you follow the link, simply click the American Flag icon on the left side of the banner and BAM, you have English! I decided to download this and give it a try, and I guess I don’t know that much about my iPod, because I don’t see much of anything when I browse around the device. However, at least I can now copy my pictures to my desktop when I take screen shots of games.

  • James

    Good call, would have missed that small flag.

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  • David

    Well, I’ve installed this, and use it with my iPhone 3gs, which is not jail broken. Guess what, I can browse everything, not just the media folder.

    Actually, I don’t really get why people always cry about not being able to use their iPhones to transfer files through usb cable. With this FREE software, all of that is possible.

  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think while you can browse everything, all of it outside the Media folder is read-only.

  • David

    Okay, I’ve installed NAVIGON navigator on my iPhone. It shows up as in the folder David’s iPhone\ApplicationArchives I can delete it, or simply copy it to my desktop.

    I wonder if it’s possible to install something on the iPhone this way..

  • It’s definitely possible to install stuff, but it must be a prepared .app folder.

    Regarding Navigon – What is the point of copying it to the PC if you already have it in iTunes and can re-download at any time. Besides, the file you’re talking about is the app installation archive and not the app itself – it will be removed automatically later.

  • David

    I see your point. Actually I’ve installed Navigon in december, and the installation file is still there. Anyway, I just wanted to test if I can delete and copy files outside of the media directory.

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