Bada bing Bada boom – another new mobile OS… again…


This year has been extremely fruitful for new operating systems targeted at mobile devices. And now, surprise surprise, Samsung, one of THE largest electronics manufacturer in the world and number two mobile phone manufacturer in the world, have issued a press release about Bada – their new mobile OS.

This year we’ve seen a lot of new players appear on the market previously dominated by Microsoft Windows Mobile and Symbian. With electronics going more and more portable, the issue of having a stable and powerful OS for them has become a very important one. We’ve seen the arrival of Google Android and Nokia Maemo. And now, Bada from Samsung.

Bada, meaning “ocean” in Korean, will be an open platform, with developers having complete access to all of the system components. They will even be able to modify them to their own liking. This is most interesting to providers who can tailor it to their networks, providing exclusive services and optimizing performance.

Based on Samsung’s experience in developing previous proprietary platforms on Samsung mobile phones, Samsung can create the new platform and provide opportunities for developers. Samsung bada is also simple for developers to use, meaning it’s one of the most developer-friendly environments available, particularly in the area of applications using Web services. Lastly, bada’s ground-breaking User Interface (UI) can be transferred into a sophisticated and attractive UI design for developers.

The Bada introductory event will take place in London in December 2009, with an official SDK made available around the same time. The first devices, powered by Bada will already appear early next year. Furthermore, jumping on the AppStore bandwagon an official application store will also go live sometime next year. A special site for developers is already live and available here.

Dr Hosoo Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of Media Solution Center at Samsung Electronics said, “By opening Samsung’s mobile platforms we will be able to provide rich mobile experiences on an increasing number of accessible smartphones.” He added, “bada will be Samsung’s landmark, iconic new platform that brings an unprecedented opportunity for operators, developers and Samsung mobile phone users around the world.”

Personally, I feel it is a mistake for so many companies to try to bring new mobile OSs to market at this time. With the dominance of Apple on the mobile applications market, the only chance the competitors really have of overthrowing them would be to combine their efforts and develop a joint OS. For a time it really seemed that Google Android would be that “ace up the sleeve”. But with such players as Nokia and Samsung sticking to their own platforms, I don’t really thing that Apple’s position is in any serious danger.


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