The Isle of 8-Bit Treasures – the return of the true light-hearted RPG


The return of true light-hearted RPGs has been spiced by many hopefuls, but on 5 November, Tecmo’s 2006 Japanese mobile phone hit, The Isle of 8-Bit Treasures, slipped into the App Store for what truly is light-hearted adventure. No need to don your thinking caps, or level-busters – from graphics to music, The Isle of 8-Bit Treasures is good ol’ fashioned monster-killing fun. And thankfully, your hero is easy to control. 8-Bit Treasure has been a hit over the years on handsets all over Japan, but Tecmo have pulled off a decent control scheme, even for sausage-fingered folk!

Tecmo, The Isle of 8-Bit Treasures, 4.99$, 11.1 MB
The Isle of 8-Bit Treasures

Press Release and lotsa images after the gap:

Press Literature
The #1 mobile phone game in Japan debuts overseas with an update for iPhone and iPod touch!
Released in 2006 on Japanese cell phones, the original Isle of 8-Bit Treasures was ranked as the most downloaded application on multiple occasions. Now updated for iPhone and iPod touch, The Isle of 8-Bit Treasures gets its English debut November 5th.

“The Isle of 8-Bit Treasures” is a light-hearted, retro-style dungeon raiding RPG designed specifically for mobile gaming. Clearing a dungeon only takes 5-10 minutes, so it’s perfect for just picking up and playing. But the variety of dungeons, missions and loot can keep you occupied for hours.

Game Features

  • Over 20 unique dungeons: Dungeons change layouts every time you enter them, so you never play the same game twice.
  • Over 60 missions: Each dungeon also has a number of missions which need different strategies to clear.
  • Customizable weapons: Strengthen your weapons by fusing items to them. Customize your weapons and take on the dungeons however you want.
  • Different jobs, different play styles: Choose from 3 classes—swordsman, witch, or hunter. Each class has its own strength, health and weapons, so who you use will change how you play.
  • No worries about leveling up! Your characters always return to Level 1 when they start a dungeon, so there is no permanent leveling up. That means you have to put your own skills, experience and know-how to use in dungeons that always present a new challenge.
  • Touch controls: Quick and intuitive game controls. Just touch or drag an item from the on-screen list to use it.
  • Make your own dungeons and weapons from your own music library. See what surprises come from your favorite tunes! (requires iPhone OS 3.0)

More information on the title is available from the following websites:
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