Leonard Maltin Movie Guide in Review – Decades Of Reviews In The Palm Of Your Hand


Reviewing and critiquing movies from as young as 18, Leonard Maltin has had numerous books published as well as an almost 30 year long career on television with Entertainment Weekly. Most recently, his renowned “Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide” has made it onto the iPlatform. Thanks to developers MobileAge, “the 2300 page Godzilla of movie references” is now even more accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

With the app’s focus being the delivery of reviews one of the most important aspects of design is legibility. The dark brushed grey with the white/light grey text accomplishes that perfectly. As for layout, they kept it simple and clean as well.

There are 2 tabs at the bottom: the guide itself and your “lists”. If you’re interested in more info about Mr. Maltin or the editors of the guide it’s all available by tapping the (i) in the top corner. Also there is contact info and a link directly to the appstore for you to write a review (sidebar- more developers should include this in their app. It wouldn’t kill users to take the 5 mins to say what they like or don’t like).


Currently, there are 24,000 reviews that are accessible to you anywhere. The most recent ones are shown on the front page when the app loads, the rest are a quick search away. This is another area that they really put effort into. Searching is available by title, cast and even director. We all have our favourite actor/actress and having the ability to search with instant results is a great feature. I used this when looking for a couple actors that I thought I knew everything about and was surprised to find movies that I had never even heard of. For people who are obsessed with (insert actor name here) I am sure you will find this invaluable.


As great as that is, reading the reviews is where you can tell they put in the most work. Leonard Maltin’s reviews are well thought-out: he praises the good and has no problem calling out the bad.

Also in the review you’ll notice at the top and bottom that all directors and actors are highlighted. Tapping them will bring you back to the search screen with results based on the person that you tapped – a perfect feature when you are trying to find more movies about “that guy from that one movie you liked”. As of the latest release, they also added the ability to view trailers for 4500 different movies (with more to come I’m sure).


Another awesome feature is the ability to link through to your netflix or itunes account to either rent or purchase titles. If you really did want to rent/buy it then without this handy feature, you would have to close the app, load up another, log in, etc. – a hassle that can now be totally avoided thanks to those 2 links.

Review-reference-LMatinMovie-05 Review-reference-LMatinMovie-06

The other 2 links you’ll see at the top are the heart symbol and envelope. The heart allows you to add titles to lists which you can create (e.g. Must See, Movies To Buy, etc). A great idea if you’re trying to plan out movies to buy for gifts or organize favourites to complete a collection. As is usually the case with lists, the possibilities are endless. The envelope lets you email the entire review to whomever you want.

Overall, Leonard Maltin Movie Guide is amazing. As a movie review app, it is perfectly designed and easy to read/use. The ability to rent/purchase the movies just throws it over the top. I think any movie buff will appreciate the value in having thousands of movies reviewed and readily available in the palm of their hand at any time.


App Summary
Title: Leonard Maltin Movie Guide (v1.1) Developer: Mobile Age
Price: $4.99 App Size: 8.3 MB
  • Thousands of reviews available anytime
  • Dynamic search system built throughout app
  • Ability to link to Netflix and iTunes
  • Watch trailers in app
  • A little pricey for a review app


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