How to build a spiffy lookin’ website to promote your iPhone apps

news-build-iphone-app-websiteBy now, you probably know that the App Store has recently surpassed the impressive 100,000 app mark.  What this likely means is that everyone’s uncle’s neighbor (and brother) is an iPhone developer…ok, not quite, but you catch my drift. If you’re an aspiring iPhone dev and you prefer a more hands-on approach  – provided you have some know-how with image editing tools – vector tuts+ have an excellent tutorial that’ll show you just how to build a fundamentally sound and attractive website to promote your app.

The tutorial is divided into two parts: the first involves building a wireframe (layout) using Fireworks CS4 and the second part will have you filling out the wireframe with color, texture and images in Photoshop. The entire tutorial is detailed and one of the best I’ve come across in a while. Not only will this ‘tut’ show you how to create an aesthetically pleasing design, but it’ll also help you create effective promotional areas (navigation, features section etc).

The only downside to this great guide is that you’ll have to fork out $9/month for all their project source files and downloadable copies. If you’re serious about promoting your apps though and want to put your best foot forward, I highly suggest you check it out. Of course, you can always just hire the pros to do it, but where’s the fun in that?

Build a Promotional iPhone App Website – Part I

Build a Promotional iPhone App Website – Part II

Looking for more inspiration? Check out website depot’s compiled list of 40 Awesome iPhone Application Websites.

Thanks to @JonMyers for originally tweeting about this tutorial

  • jeff

    i know at least four uncle’s neighbors that are iphone developers. 😉

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