Xewton Music Studio Promo Code Giveaway (bonanza)! – Closed

xewton-music-studio-review3TouchMyApps is giving away 20 copies (thats right, 20!) of Xewton Music Studio ($19.99), a truly amazing music production app that is essentially a miniature Garage Band on the iPhone/iPod Touch. For those who’ve missed our review, here’s what Matthew had to say:

Xewton Music Studio is a fine example of an application that works well on the iDevice thanks to its intuitive touchscreen. Everything perfectly executed, it’s the epitome/prime example of the possibilities on the App Store. I’ll say it once and I’ll say it 1,000 times: if you’re a striving musician/music composer or just an average Joe who just wants to show off the capabilities of the iDevice, the you can’t go wrong with XMS.

Xewton has also just been updated with several improvements, including the very handy MIDI Import feature. With 20 promo codes for us to hand out, your chances of scoring one is quite sweet indeed. Contest rules can be found after the break. Good Luck, my aspiring musician friend!

Contest Rules:

  1. This Xewton Music Studio (XMS) promo code giveaway is open to all, though you must have a valid US App Store account in order to redeem your code.
  2. To enter, click on the black  Feedburner banner below (you’ll be taken to our Feedburner page) and subscribe to the TouchMyApps feed with your choice of news reader. If you don’t use feeds, click on the Get TouchMyApps delivered by email link to have our feed delivered to your inbox (don’t worry, we promise not to spam you!).
  3. Next, submit a comment below and tell us that you’ve subscribed to our feed (this step must be done so we know you entered the giveaway)
  4. To earn extra ballots, follow us on Twitter and tweet: Xewton Music Studio rocks! @TouchMyApps is giving away 20 copies! ($19.99). Contest details can be found here http://bit.ly/3Z19v5
  5. You may retweet this message up to 3 times a day to boost your chances, though you may only do so ONCE within any given hour.
  6. Winners will be randomly selected and the contest will close Nov 13th, 2009.


Update: Congrats to all the winners who have scored a copy of Xewton Music Studio: DaveMorash, @Alex_Ferrigno, @joshuaarno, Soren Hansen, Andy, Todd L, @JustTryin, @4by4reviews, Sandra.c, Tom, Ryan, @gigantor, @nineSwords, Alex, Igoo, Comercial9, @Erichd, macgraphics67, @helloalison, mikeman118


  • Awesome giveaway TMA! Subscribed!

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    This app looks incredible! Subscribed.

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    Just subscribed! Huge fan of the site guys… keep up the good work :)

  • Subscribed. This app looks simply awesome!

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    Awesome looking app. I’m subscribed!

  • Monika

    That’s aweful!! Subscribed. Thanks, Monika

  • alison

    Subscribed, of course! Fantastic giveaway!

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    Looks like a great app! Thanks for the contest!

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    this is possible on the iPhone??? wow this looks amazing! i had already subscribed with google reader. i hope i win!

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  • I’ve subscribed to the feed via email. :) I was subscribed to the feed via google reader.

    Looking forward to grooving with Xewton!

  • Søren Hansen

    Greetings from Denmark.

    I have now subscribed to your feed via Google Reader.

    XMS looks fantastic. Can’t wait to play with this.

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    Signed up for the feed in my Google Reader account too a while ago!!! ;]

  • ratini

    I’ve been looking for Xewton reviews on Google and found your contest here! Would be great to save my $20 on this!

    Subscribed to email and hoping to win!!!

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    Please sign me up for Xewton contest. Thanks

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    Also been a long time subscriber to your feeds. Xewton looks incredible….Too bad I can’t afford the app right now :(

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