1,000 Ringtones for your iPhone – Sony’s next Walkman?


The same Sony who conceded the portable music market to Apple et al., and later lost the proprietary music wars to the same group, are exercising a Sega-esque about-face. For nigh on 13 quid, you can scoop up 1000 ring tones for your iPhone from the makers of the original root-kit virus and annoy your friends, family, and fellow bus-queuers in one go! Sony have this to say for their new shceme:

From Hollywood sound effects to great music clips to a wide variety of spoken ringtones, you’re sure to find just the right sounds to fit your style. 1,000 Ringtones for your iPhone—there’s no better, cheaper, or faster way to get great ringtones on your iPhone.

Well, Sony’s marketing dep. haven’t lost the same perjuric panache which has kept them in business for so long (and conversely, which is foreclosing much of their vast empire). If I am reading this correctly, paying 13 pounds for pilfered chirps, beeps, and songs is cheaper than doing it the free way. Oh well, there is definitely a market for this out there. Thanks to iPhone Heat for the hint!

[via Sony Creative Software]

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