Beneath a Steel Sky Remastered – Score one for the adventure games team?


In a recent interview with, the managing director of Revolution Software remarked that they are extremely satisfied with how Beneath a Steel Sky Remastered (BASS) is performing. According to them, Beneath a Steel Sky Remastered is well on its way to sell as much as 20 000 copies in just its first month of release.

Overall projected sales amount to more than 70 000 copies in the first year and around 100 000 in the game’s life time. These numbers are more than impressive for a re-release of a classic 1994 adventure game, which was released freely in 2003. It can be run via ScummVM on modern hardware. Current sales are even more impressive as, according to Cecil, BASS was backed by a marketing budget of only a “a couple of thousand pounds”.

Apparently, the AppStore model is perfect for the smaller, independent developers. Cecil commented on that aspect at the Eurogamer Expo in Leeds:

As a small developer it’s an opportunity we’ve been able to grasp and it’s made possible because of the advent of digital distribution and of Apple who have reached out to people to buy music and games rather than download it from pirate sites.


The great thing about the Apple system is that it’s so easy to use, it’s easier to buy it [than resort to piracy] and it’s cheap.


It’s so exciting that we can take something that was released so long ago and put it on the iPhone. We’re in a wonderful position where we can exploit our own games in a way that you could never do at a mainstream publisher.

In his têt-a-têt with he added:

A key benefit of the project was that it has proven the UI on touch screen devices. The fact that the game was universally praised, particularly when compared to other adventures on the platform, leaves us in a strong position going forward, for both our original games and further adaptations.

We reviewed Beneath a Steel Sky Remastered quite recently here at and found it to be a model for iDevice adventure games to follow. We were very happy to learn that the game is doing so well in sales (it even stole featured real-estate at the AppStore for quite some time) and we hope that this will motivate other companies to bring both classic, and newly developed titles alike to the platform.


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