A VERY expensive Safari trip


Looks like it’s about time to get back to my conspiracy theories. Many things have been said about the partnership between AT&T and Apple, from praise (well, not that much of it) to scathing criticisms regarding such decisions as the clawing back of Google Voice and other related apps. Well, this just in: Apple help “increase” user spending on data charges.

Blogger Oliver K has run into a controversial “bug” in the iPhone stock Safari application. He was shocked to receive an almost 15 000 USD bill phone after an uneventful month of using the iPhone. As it turns out, the mobile browser continues to stream video, compressed using Motion JPEG, even after Safari has been shut down. This leads to the phone, which is, as all of us are perfectly aware, capable of working in 3G and EDGE networks to eat up hundreds of Mb of traffic in a rather short amount of time.

In this case the iPhone downloaded about 740 Mb of data of the Internet in less than an hour, which couldn’t help but affect the phone bill. AT&T weighed the data at 0.0195 USD per Kb. This is one the more costly rates for customers, who use the phone in multiple countries and are not subscribed to the “Data Global Add-On”. In the end, the unplanned download resulted in the almost 15 000 USD bill.

The only successful way to avoid this bug is to switch to a different page before closing the Safari application. As of yet, there are no comments from Apple.

And if you are afraid of horrendous data charges, feel free to send your iPhones to me. I’m quite open, especially to a 3GS (crazy high bill or not).

[via securitylab.ru]

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