Bust-A-Move in Review – Classic Bubble Popping Brilliance!


Bust-A-Move (aka Puzzle Bobble) is probably one of the most widely known games around. With releases on virtually every platform as well as arcade and mobile devices over the last +15 years, it’s hard not to find someone who hasn’t played it or heard of it. The game’s most recent conquest is found on the iPlatform. Puzzle fans, get ready for a new definitive addiction in your favourite genre.

Graphically, Bust-A-Move is smooth and just fun to look at. Sound wise its very upbeat and melodic, you’ll find yourself humming and tapping along in no time. Fans of the title will instantly feel familiar as soon as Bubble Dragon Bub (Bubblun) (バブルン, Baburun?)
comes into view. Or as soon as you hear the familiar round starting chant to GO!


There are really great landscape scenes drawn that rest behind your game board which is designed perfectly blended in. Comprised of 2 trees on either side along with some shrubbery and a stump at the bottom, it’s a classic example of how well a simple design can look. The “Bubbles” are similar but updated from the original designs and blend very nicely with everything else. It is a very inviting design and although updated and cleaned up, it still retains the same feel of the classic versions of the game.


As for game play, you have 3 options available to you: Story, Vs., and Challenge mode. Challenge mode is basically a quick play/play as long as you want/can mode. My wife is a huge fan of this game and this is her favorite mode.

Vs. was a nice surprise and is a feature that seems to be making it’s way into more games now a days. Using Bluetooth you and a friend can battle against each other. It’s basically like old school Tetris style where if one player can remove a whole bunch of pieces from their board, the opponent will have pieces randomly added to theirs.


Story mode is the longer more drawn out version of the game. In this version you play as Bub and you venture into worlds where you have to play through multiple levels of puzzles with the ultimate goal being of saving another creature. So far this is my favorite mode. I am still playing through it but what I’ve played so far is really quite enjoyable.

Review-game-bustamove-05 Review-game-bustamove-06

You have 2 control options available to you. One has you shooting at the bubbles in slingshot style. You drag left to right to position your launcher and pull back to load/fire. The other option available is a tapping method where you tap on the screen where you want to shoot and then tap the device to fire. Both methods have their advantages but personally I prefer the slingshot method – I find it adds a little bit more challenge and makes the overall game more fun.


A couple great features that were added to the latest version include posting results to Facebook or Twitter and updates to the sound and the bubble designs. In challenge mode, titles are based on game score and in the Vs. mode Bub will actually comment on your win/loss ratio.


Overall I have to say I’m quite impressed with this game. Going in I had the bar set kinda high because I have played the title on various platforms over the years so I knew exactly what I was getting into. In the end, I am glad to say I am not disappointed. TAITO has delivered a solid release of one of their most popular titles. If you have played any version of this game in the past and/or are a fan of puzzle games then you will absolutely love this game.


App Summary
Title: Bust-A-Move (Version 1.1.0) Developer: TAITO
Price: $4.99 App Size: 20.8Mb
  • Excellent design
  • High replay value
  • Easy to pick up, Impossible to put down
  • Backed by +15 years of success
  • No Vs. on 1st Gen Touch due to lack of Bluetooth


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