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Lexic is a perfect game for a group whom I contemn with scorn: word freaks. Nevertheless, Kieffer and Kieffer (or whomever they are) pulled out an early sucker-punch at the App Store gem of a game. The funny thing is that before buying iDevice apps, I cared nothing at all for splelling or wurds; but since February (and learning how to spell), things have slowly changed for me. Lexic is nothing short of awesome.

In a haystack of awful 1.99$ apps, Lexic is the proverbial needle; not only is its interface bullet-proof — indeed, it is a perfectly concocted mix of eye candy and usability –, but it is full of never-ending content, 4 game-play modes, online leader boards – if you could hope for anything in a word-game, Lexic has it.


In the tradition of good electronic vocab games, Lexic’s bowels flow with both TWL and SOWPODS for the word freaks on both sides of the Atlantic. There are also a few visual and sound settings to play with, but despite polished visuals, Lexic rocks for a variety of other reasons. Probably the best point in its favour is that it attacks any level and all types of players. For instance, Quest mode will allow you dodge time-limits by imposing its own strict regimen: you must continually diffuse bombs and hard-spots by stringing words together and meeting goals. Cascade will burn your brains my making you find as many words as possible in a small window of time. Blackout like Tetris will have you clearing the board till no letter-tiles are left; and finally, Stasis (as the name suggests) wracks your brains to find every word possible on a static board. Else-wise, Lexic tracks personal stats, boasts an online leader board, and is entrenched in updates from the dev. You can also burn through your own list of iTunes songs while finding that perfect word.


Speaking of which, if you can drag your finger from point A to point B, you can play Lexic. Depending on mode, words consist of as few as two letters and can be as long as the internal dictionaries can spell. Lexic is fun and while easy to play, easy to setup, and a great crack of a time competing with online leaders, is a challenging, rewarding game.

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Kieffer Brothers’ app is worth every penny of its 1.99$ price tag, and more. In fact, including the hours upon hours playable future Lexic has, I reckon it is one of the best deals at the App Store. And, don’t be surprised by constant updates, tweaks and improvements; the devs are serious about supporting this game.


App Summary
Title: Lexic (V. 2.0) Developer: Kieffer Bros.
Price: $1.99 App Size: 8.0 MB
  • Great interface
  • 4 challenging and fit-anywhere game modes
  • Many many hours of play
  • Online leaderboards
  • Clever and easy gaming
  • Looking… looking… Sorry Sarge, found nothin’!


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