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TMA has been following iPhone developments in Korea for a number of reasons: most notably because the tallest member of staff lives here, but also because this market is fiercely closed, monopolistic, and undoubtedly, xenophobic. Well, for the poor louts whose iPhone has been castrated and left to sing the high notes of a glorified iPod touch, there is hope, though typcially expensive. iPhone in Korea, a blog dedicated to just that, recently covered the ins and outs of how to register, and use your iPhone on cellular networks in Korea. It isn’t easy, and as with all things foreign, certainly ain’t cheap, but at least it can be done. Again, this news rides on the cusp of the 2-year feinting publicity stunt which Korea’s carriers get off on: the launch of the iPhone.

Highlights from iPhone in Korea:

Registering Your iPhone with KTF and SK Telecom
You can actually register your iPhone in Korea with both SK Telecom and KTF. However, if you look in the advertisement below, you’ll notice some advantages with KTF. In the advertisement below (hat tip to one of our readers Joseph Kim), there’s a few bonuses in registering your certified Korean iPhone with KTF.
-KT offer’s MMS with their current iPhone service (SK does not offer this with their service)
-Free iPhone Case-Mate case
-Free portable iPhone recharger
-No need to register your phone in-store (you can register through the phone or internet)
-Cheap internet options
-Any calling option is offered with the iPhone in Korea

Again, it isn’t a cheap venture, costing 360,190 won (~300$ USD), but if you have a now-maimed iPhone which hitherto hasn’t been usable on Korean networks, this a topsy-turvy bit of good news. While still tight-lipped KT have promised the iPhone this month and have even been quoted trying to find the highest price possible. Now that the possibility of registering an iPhone is possible with either company, the iPhone’s advent seems that much more possible, though I will admit (as every iPhone fan) that the constantly bickering and flat out lying Korean carriers gets tiring.

[via iPhone in Korea]

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